after reading the comments on this post today i went on a hunt for some of courtney’s old internet posts. it occurred to me that, like a lot of things do, they were going to end up lost forever in the great soup of the ever-changing internet and i had the idea that it might be nice to archive them.
well of course this took me to dear old kittyradio – previously the official hole forum, now just a general rag-tag of subjects.
i’ve been a lurker and infrequent poster on that site for many years and it has, by and large, never failed to piss me off. a constant sea of self important young ladies bitching, whining and moaning about how courtney doesn’t love them enough. at any given moment there allways be at least one thread complaining about what a bitch/loser/’tard’ courtney is and at least one other thread related to courtney’s lack of financial support.
on the first point – courtney made the fatal error of ‘connecting’ with her fans. she used to post fairly frequently on the boards, sometimes in rambling shambling rants of mfgispeled WOfds, sometimes with coherencey and smarts. more often that not a mixture of both. of course that could never be enough. she could be bitchy and insulting, but it was when she stopped posting alltogether that the shit really hit the fan. how dare she leave her fans! the fans who tirelessly spent most of their board-space hurling curse words at her?. the bitch.
on the second point – money is the biggie with that site. i fully apreciate that it takes a lot to run a big board like that but the complex and public machinations over there would make machiavelli pale. i will fully admit that i don’t really know what went on – whether courtney stiffed them for money or whatever (i didn’t trudge my way through every fucking endless thread on the subject) but what i do know is this – as a fan, i don’t give a shit.
if you want to ask for money look at sites like mugglenet which manage to do so (for a much larger fanbase) politely and endearingly. they are also unpaid volunteers (largely under the age of 20) and i’m pretty sure jo rowling isn’t posting on the fucking chamber of secrets board on a wet wednesday.
i’m not trying to absolve courtney of all her character faults and it’s highly possible that she’s done all of the nasty things levelled at her.
i don’t need her to be a nice person and i certainly don’t need her to be my friend.
i realise that for the founders of kr that line was obviously rather blurred (and i’m not really blaming them for the low grade quality of the majority of her fans) – but my god, every time i look at it i just see threadfulls of idiots debating her moral and fiscal involvement.the site got hacked recently and so of course it was her that did it.

listen to the albums. look at the pretty pictures. watch the videos on youtube. shut the fuck up.

honestly, i’m never going back there.

oh – and incidently, it appears that most of the old courtney posts were deleted and those that are still there have a big ‘don’t re-post them or we’ll fuck you in the ass’ message – but i’ve saved them for the future just in case.

sorry, i’m done now.

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