the best bookshelf in the world ever?


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I bit a lot more bugs than bit me


how creepy yet cool are these french AIDS-awareness posters??
if you can stand to look at them for any length of time they are also slightly comical – but you do have to get past the heave factor first.
sadly, i can’t for the life of me find the name of the design agency that made them, i’d love to see what else they’ve done.
i did, however, thanks to caroline learn that:

stephen donkin, proceed with caution… 😉

Far as the SPIDER is concerned, that’s not just “oral sex”. Male spiders implant sperm packets in the females via their pedipalps, up front. Whoever did those ads threw in something of a visual pun for those who know spider anatomy.



the smallprint translates as: “Without a condom, you’re sleeping with AIDS. Protect yourself.”

wear your art on your sleeve


this series of ‘wearable sculptures’ by silvia b (the collection is called ‘skinover’) are a wonderful head on crash between art and fashion. beautifully crafted in lambskin, they are witty, sexy and just a little bit creepy. the perfect combination.
the pair that caught my eye first were without a doubt the love/hate tattoos. they are certainly the most fashion-wearable. if gwen stefani doesn’t have them hanging in the closet next to her harajuku schoolgirls then she should.
however, the more i looked at the whole collection the more some of the others really won me over. there is something wonderfully subtle about the band-aids on ‘wounded’ and the ‘ebony’ pair are just exquisite close up. (plus they have that little frisson of ‘oh, is that offensive, or not?’)
unfortunately – labmbskinning aside – at £725 a pair i don’t think i’ll be getting them any time soon…


love / hate




nearly perfect


colour 2.0

just dandy

yesterday i discovered the website colour lovers – possibly the first ever, wait for it, colour themed social networking site. yes, really.
in the past i have used sites such as degraevev’s colour palette generator as tool to find the hexes that compliment imagery on a website or so on but colour lovers is a whole other ballgame. along with a bunch of really useful tools such as the ability to download adobe, css or html versions of the palettes there are also all the conventions of any other social networking site such as chat,friends, groups, rating systems and so on..
initially i thought this was maybe the geekiest thing i’d ever seen but the more time i spent on the site the more i felt it’s actually almost the opposite.

the fact that i found myself staring, a little breathless, at this colour combination for a good five minutes means that i am still in touch with something absolutely basic to visual art and almost as un-geeky as you get. i’ve found that my journey from the conceptual bullshit degree i did has been largely a journey back to aesthetic. it’s not that i am shallow, or that i only enjoy shallow art but sometimes i think that we have a lost a lot of our pleasure in the visual aspect of the visual arts. so concerned with concept, contect and functionality that we hardly ever take the time just to stop and look.
it pleases me that so many artists and designers are using something as modern and technology based as a social networking site to embrace something as ancient as pleasure in colour. i’m sure the site will be a very useful tool for me but more than that it has something reflective, playful and energising about it.
my new favourite thing!

four of my favourites:
you are hurting mejet screamersunset at the sea.Band-Aid™

four of my own:
evepeachy keen
seamed stockingsno parking

Modern art is what happens when painters stop looking at girls and persuade themselves that they have a better idea.

alex hartley installation at the fruitmarket gallery

on saturday i decided to take advantage of the good weather and go round the galleries in town. i always enjoy this during the festival since there is such a great atmosphere in town. i must confess that my 4 years at glasgow school of art have left me with a very low bullshit threshold so i don’t really ‘do galleries’ as often as i should but every once in a while it’s nice to get out there and brave the white cube.

i eased myself in gently with a nice bit of william blake at the nation gallery. or at least as nice as hellfire and anguish ever gets… the blakes were lovely to see in the flesh – so detailed, and so much smaller than i expected – but the unexpected treat was a section of the exhibitions showing artists who had either inspired or been inspired by blake. there was an illustration from the tempest etched by i p simon based on a painting by henry fuseli in this part that i just loved to death, but can’t seem to find anywhere online…

next i went through the various contemporary and modern galleries. i should say here that i’ve not made it to the warhol show yet but i’m planning to make it very soon.

a guy i know used to say that if you went up to every girl in a nightclub and said ‘fancy a shag’ for every ten slaps you got at least one would say ‘ok’ – it’s much the same with the ‘contemporary’ cooler-than-thou galleries. most of what i saw was either a total pile of art-wank crap or just not my thing, but there was thankfully one gem of a show by alex hartley in the fruitmarket gallery. hartley’s work was roughly split into two areas – large photographic works, often doctored with sculptural elements added, and large installation pieces. the photos left me cold i must admit, but the intallations i could have looked at all day. they consisted of huge frosted perspex boxes mounted flush into the gallery wall with lighting behind illuminating muzzy minimalist architectural spaces. the effect was a sort of tranquil modernist trump loeil. they had a zen-like quality as well as just being visually very appealing. i want one in my house!

after that i demonstrated my true ‘contemporary’ esprit de times and went for a big fat starbucks.

so, all in all not a bad day out!

The only link between Andy Warhol and J-Lo

i finally got my hands on heaven to hell by david lachapelle this week and it is eye poppingly good. with a slightly more prevelant twisted erotisism than his last two books (i’m excluding artists and prostitutes as i haven’t seen it what with it being a �1500 limited edition!) it definately ups the ante in the contadiction between ‘perfect’ plasticisity and perversion. this is possibly nowhere as obvious as in his incredible pieces featuring amanda lepore as a living warhol’s marilyn.
i was pleased to find in it a whole set of courtney photographs that i had hoped would be there as i had only seen them online in the past, and they are really beautiful shots. like many artists lachapelle definately has his muses and if this book is a ‘love letter’ to anyone then i would say it’s a fight between courtney and amanda for that honour, with indeed one picture featuring them both together.
all that said some of the non-celeb model shots are superb too, particularly the taxi driver series and some of the religious/angel pieces towards the end of the book.

get hold of/get a look through a copy if you can!

She said this is what I think is art

as you probably know i have an account over at deviantART ( a really fantastic online arists community site) and i want to use this post to profile my top 25 pieces of artwork from the site in 2006. they are pretty much all pieces uploaded in 2006 allthough there are a couple of older ones snuck in that i only discovered more recently. click on them to see full views (a lot of the smaller images really don’t do them justice) and to see the artists gallery.

25, you say? i know, but trust me , it was hard enough to narrow it down that far…

Venus in Milk by *ALLUREandDESIRE on deviantART

Get the Smokin Fairy Out. by ~SickJokeR on deviantART

eggHDR0011 by *The-Egg on deviantART

sheeps dont have insomnia by ~nifflheim on deviantART

Butterfly Eater by =madpimp350 on deviantART

The nights of wonder by ~mr-marchew on deviantART

-Sun and Moon- by ~starwide on deviantART

Harry Potter–Marauders by =Gold-Seven on deviantART

KISS pumpkins by *tbholman on deviantART

Little Paintings – Cardinal by =Duffzilla on deviantART

Clown for JIN by =gunnmgally on deviantART

robinredbreast by ~chibighibli on deviantART

Koi by =Klyph on deviantART

Mothqueen by ~MaciejZielinski on deviantART

KISS by *aspius on deviantART

Self destruction by *FallenRox on deviantART

service. by *quasilucid on deviantART

FRAGMENT22 by ~n4al on deviantART

ariel by =lilbittydemon-stock on deviantART

that look by ~metro2 on deviantART

Everyone Loves a Clown by ~stuntkid on deviantART

please stay a while by ~trance-orange on deviantART

Shirley n Spinoza, A Good LaLa by *Semiotext on deviantART

I’m so tired of having nothing by ~LittleSilverBones on deviantART

erotic study 02 by ~plainme on deviantART

notable mentions also to glam predator by rockstarvanity
oh snap by messa
the bride by missshyly
and bloody sin by evil-kitteeh whom i couldn’t feature here without ‘nicking’ 😉

you can see all of my favourites on deviantART here