blogging 2.0?

so here’s the rub: i’m finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with my blog and i know my posts are getting less frequent and lower in quality. i also know that i am spending less time on other peoples blogs, especially less time commenting, than ever before. my posts are getting sparser and so are my readers.

at first i was attributing this to being busier with work. i’ve been more consistently busy over the last year than ever before, but i’ve had super busy periods in the past and still managed to post.

the reason, i’ve realised, is social networking. it’s not so much a time thing as an overstretching of information. i want to comment on the new spice girls video? do i blog it? do i digg it? do i twitter it? do i facebook it? at the moment i have everything feeding into my facebook and my twitter feeding into my blog so it’s a combination of all three but i wonder how much i am repeating myself to the same people. add in to that work related posts on my portfolio site and journal/news articles on deiantArt and – gobby as i am – i’m feeling spread rather thin.

interestingly, it’s not just affecting how i write but how i read. i’ve become so used to constant staus updates on facebook and gmail and little messages here and there that i want everything in one place now. facebook is really starting to work for me now the way i suppose myspace has worked for others in the past. after i’ve spent an hour on there looking at everyones new pictures and reading their updates i can’t really be arsed trotting off to all their seperate sites – and i’m sure they feel the same way about mine.

aside from the bizarre desire to expel my ramblings to the world one of the other big draws for me initially with this blog was also presentation and playing with, at first, blogger then wordpress itself. however now that i’m using wordpress as a backend cms in around 90% of the websites i build for other people as well as having switched my portfolio site to wordpress i don’t really have the same need for a visual playground that i did.

so what now?

i’m really not sure. i don’t think i’m ready to give up on marilyn’s shampoo just yet, but am i merely prolonging the inevitable? i don’t have the time or energy needed to invest in it as my focus point any more..

and if anyone is still reading your thoughts would be greatfully recieved 😉

best foot forward and all that…

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heather mills skillfully invokes the names of princess diana and the mccanns to support her plight against the british press


blowing it all by losing her mind over a jonathan ross gag.


the tabloid media in this country are a bunch of scumsuckers but you know what they say heather – fly with craws and all that…

smash it! smash it! smash it!!!


i don’t know if you’ve seen the stupid ‘smash the piniata’ flash thingy that pops up all the place – but for some reason i find it totally hypnotic.
i admit, it’s not as amusing as the ‘shoot paris hilton in the forehead’ one or as outright bewildering as ‘do you like tony blair – answer yes or no to win an playstation’ but still, there’s something about it.

his slightly sinister pleading look, the metranome like sway back and forward, back and forward…

i have no interest in their non-existant ipods and yet for some reason i still just had to

smash it!!!

happy halloween!


(the slightly mental looking one is the inside of his head!)

fame at last!!

[photopress:bbcsmall.jpg,thumb,pp_image] : thanks to my dad 🙂

(i had a party for my (erk) 30th birthday last week with the rule that all guests had to wear something pink 😉

god hates fags


as if laura mallory wasn’t enough i’ve just watched louis theroux’s documentary on the phelps family and their particularly twisted brand of christian non-logic. totally obsessed with homosexuality (or ‘taking it up the tailpipe’ as mrs phelps puts it…) and fond of such pleasant family outings as picketing the funerals of soldiers who died in iraq (for being ‘a sodomite nation of flag-worshiping idolators”) and swedish furniature shops. don’t ask about that last one.
they are needless to say ostracised and reviled. and quite rightly so. theirs is a particularly hateful god who “duped you into going to war so he could punish you”
of course at the heart of it all is a man who has made a god of himself. mr phelps senior (gramps) is your classic tyrannical cult leader only with the added bonus of never having to actually recruit followers, he just bred them…

weird, horrific and fascinating. (mainly because of melissa etheridge it would seem…)

Che Would Be Proud Of You

Che Would Be Proud Of You

Originally uploaded by fraserspeirs

this photo by fraserspeirs is without a doubt one of the funniest things i’ve seen this year.
he’s young, so i’ll forgive him. but i’m sure he will probably grow up to be a full blown upper-middle class psuedo-commie wanker and then i can hate him properly.
in the meantime i’ll be lovingly ironing my ‘i heart capitalism’ t-shirt ready for a trip to the glasgow apple store myself today…

I bit a lot more bugs than bit me


how creepy yet cool are these french AIDS-awareness posters??
if you can stand to look at them for any length of time they are also slightly comical – but you do have to get past the heave factor first.
sadly, i can’t for the life of me find the name of the design agency that made them, i’d love to see what else they’ve done.
i did, however, thanks to caroline learn that:

stephen donkin, proceed with caution… 😉

Far as the SPIDER is concerned, that’s not just “oral sex”. Male spiders implant sperm packets in the females via their pedipalps, up front. Whoever did those ads threw in something of a visual pun for those who know spider anatomy.



the smallprint translates as: “Without a condom, you’re sleeping with AIDS. Protect yourself.”