blogging 2.0?

so here’s the rub: i’m finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with my blog and i know my posts are getting less frequent and lower in quality. i also know that i am spending less time on other peoples blogs, especially less time commenting, than ever before. my posts are getting sparser and so are my readers.

at first i was attributing this to being busier with work. i’ve been more consistently busy over the last year than ever before, but i’ve had super busy periods in the past and still managed to post.

the reason, i’ve realised, is social networking. it’s not so much a time thing as an overstretching of information. i want to comment on the new spice girls video? do i blog it? do i digg it? do i twitter it? do i facebook it? at the moment i have everything feeding into my facebook and my twitter feeding into my blog so it’s a combination of all three but i wonder how much i am repeating myself to the same people. add in to that work related posts on my portfolio site and journal/news articles on deiantArt and – gobby as i am – i’m feeling spread rather thin.

interestingly, it’s not just affecting how i write but how i read. i’ve become so used to constant staus updates on facebook and gmail and little messages here and there that i want everything in one place now. facebook is really starting to work for me now the way i suppose myspace has worked for others in the past. after i’ve spent an hour on there looking at everyones new pictures and reading their updates i can’t really be arsed trotting off to all their seperate sites – and i’m sure they feel the same way about mine.

aside from the bizarre desire to expel my ramblings to the world one of the other big draws for me initially with this blog was also presentation and playing with, at first, blogger then wordpress itself. however now that i’m using wordpress as a backend cms in around 90% of the websites i build for other people as well as having switched my portfolio site to wordpress i don’t really have the same need for a visual playground that i did.

so what now?

i’m really not sure. i don’t think i’m ready to give up on marilyn’s shampoo just yet, but am i merely prolonging the inevitable? i don’t have the time or energy needed to invest in it as my focus point any more..

and if anyone is still reading your thoughts would be greatfully recieved 😉


8 thoughts on “blogging 2.0?

  1. Stay with it, I just read about a lady who posted every day and then turned it into a book. You might not want to post today, but you’ll probably want to come back and post again sometime in the future.

  2. Wow, you’re really busy. I’ve also found how I write and read has been changing, but with me it’s a lot of laziness. 😀

    I love my blog and intend to keep it indefinitely, but there’s no denying the change in how I use it. I used to feel compelled to write at least daily posts that would be entertaining, insightful, or maybe just expressive. I don’t often use my blog in that way anymore. I’m more comfortable writing (very) short posts and I’m not terribly interested in who reads them.

    It’s not just you, and it’s not just you and me. A lot of people are changing how they read and write blogs. Blogging is evolving.

  3. What Joefish said is spot on. A lot of bloggers have been around the block and the old way just doesn’t do it for them anymore, or like you they have their fingers in other forms of social-pie.

    And there you go…times change.

    I often feel like I couldn’t be arsed with blogging anymore, but as the crap is still trickling from my head and my shit is more suited to being blogged anonymously, I keep going, but with less and less enthusiasm.

    I have really enjoyed MS and your posts and insight on fashion, people, books, music. What that comes down to is I have enjoyed connecting with you in this medium.

    If you stop 😦 but we still have facebook!!!

  4. thanks guys – i was particularly interested to hear what you thought, as fellow bloggers 😉

    i don’t think i will stop, as in tear it down and never go back, but i may have to – as joe put it – evolve.

  5. I’m still reading! I’ve been blogging less lately too, and have also realised the extreme repetition of a lot of stuff I do online.

    For example, I have a photoshoot. I upload the results to Flickr. I put a couple of my favourites on I put a few on MySpace. I maybe put a MySpace bulletin out so people who watch me there can see what I’ve been up to. I put a photo or two on ModelMayhem. And then I include a few shots in a blog entry. And that’s just pictures, not writing.

    I love my blog cause it feels like the place where everything comes together, where I talk about everything and nothing and post pictures and links to cool stuff. I don’t use FaceBook to that extent (although I use it a lot and I love it), but my blog feels refreshingly detached from work and even social things.

  6. Just a PS on the subject. I’d quite like a way to have current stuff, updates, recent shoots etc on but can’t think of a decent way to do it. Since you’re plugged in to that whole thing, if you have any ideas I’d love to hear them.

  7. tanya, i agree with you about the blog-as-hub idea and really it’s what i want it to be. i’ve started working on a new design for marilyn’s shampoo with this in mind – hopefuly that will solve some of my problems.

    as for your site, my first instinct would be to use an rss feed fron somewhere like your blog or flickr that way you wouldn’t have to update twice…

    why won’t deviantArt give us an rss feed eh?!!

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