smash it! smash it! smash it!!!


i don’t know if you’ve seen the stupid ‘smash the piniata’ flash thingy that pops up all the place – but for some reason i find it totally hypnotic.
i admit, it’s not as amusing as the ‘shoot paris hilton in the forehead’ one or as outright bewildering as ‘do you like tony blair – answer yes or no to win an playstation’ but still, there’s something about it.

his slightly sinister pleading look, the metranome like sway back and forward, back and forward…

i have no interest in their non-existant ipods and yet for some reason i still just had to

smash it!!!


2 thoughts on “smash it! smash it! smash it!!!

  1. yes, i thought you would have a soft spot for that one. the pleading eyes with the target symbol floating over them and all that…

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