happy 25th birthday to the smiley :-)


25 years ago this week professor Scott E. Fahlman first used the computer “smiley face”
he posted :-) to an online e-bulletin board at 11:44 a.m. on September 19, 1982.:-S :-\

It has been fascinating to watch this phenomenon grow from a little message I tossed off in 10 minutes to something that has spread all around the world,” Fahlman was quoted as saying in a university statement. “I sometimes wonder how many millions of people have typed these characters, and how many have turned their heads to one side to view a smiley, in the 25 years since this all started.


8 thoughts on “happy 25th birthday to the smiley :-)

  1. I hate to rain on Fahlman’s parade, but that seems like the kind of thing ANYONE could have invented. Hell, you could invent it by accident if you hit the wrong keys.

    What I really want to know is, who invented the roflcopter? THAT is historic.

  2. i wanted to hate smilie for so long. i resisted and resisted but finally i caved. now i ‘toss’ them around all over the place with gay abandon 🙂

  3. oh heck – let’s have a few more

    😐 😉 😥 😳 😛 😡 :* 😕 😉 😐 😯 😥 😦 🙂 😀 😡 😐 😉 😯 😦 😥 😳 🙂 😀 😡 :*


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