issues with internet explorer {sigh}

it seems i have been having some problems with marilyn’s shampoo crashing ininternet explorer. i was a bit wary that this might happen after i put up the digg widget in the footer because i’d had problems with external javascript on a flickr badge before. however i must confess i hadn’t got around to checking it myself yet (toothache, birthday, blah blah blah) but as it turns out yes indeed it was causing problems.
so, i dutifuly stripped out the digg code only to refresh and find the page still crashing. hmm.
process of illimination, i thought, and pulled out all the external things i had added recently, replacing them one at a time to find the culprit.

turns out that blessed ie (7 included) was taking issue with:

the digg widget
the last fm widget
the twitter plugin

all of which work just dandy on firefox and safari.
honestly, i could cry…

i will try and find an ie-compatibale solution to these as i really liked having them – especially the twitter plugin – but i wish i didn’t have to…

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