Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged, Making Evil Look Innocent

i was really interested to hear this week that melissa anelli from pottercast finally managed to interview the infamous laura mallory. melissa is a smart lady and i can’t wait to read this interview, though sadly i am going to have to wait for the book she is writing to see it. as much as i enjoy a good laura mallory dissing i am particularly intrigued by this because i know that, despite being the webmistress of one of the two biggest potter fansites (the other being mugglenet, of course) and one of the most prominant figures in the hp fandom, she will aproach it with objectivty and maturity rather than just screaming fangirl bile.

it was really fascinating… really illuminating and i feel i can write fairly about her now. i have a grudging respect for her conviction… (but) it was frustrating – every time you get into a really heated arguement you hit up against the wall of belief.. when someone says ‘this is what i believe’ there is nothing you can say to that…


4 thoughts on “Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged, Making Evil Look Innocent

  1. funny, i didn’t know about this woman. if she actually spent a bit of time reading the books rather than saving other parents from “the heartache of their children getting into witchcraft”, she could perhaps see that by the end of the series, it’s pretty much an update of the new testament, and says as much about right and wrong to kids as the bible does, just in a much cooler way. if the same moral comes from it, and it gets kids reading, and thinking about the scale of light and dark and stuff, what the fuck is the problem? fucking suburban midwest americans. as an aside, did you see the episode of hell’s kitchen usa where they had to cook breakfast for the army an the navy and one of the girls broke down crying as soon as the uniformed jarheads came in saying “it’s just such an honour to serve those who serve us” scary stuff. i reckon something bad is going to happen in the next ten years. like a world war. this is total pressure cooker shit at the moment. check burma oot man.

  2. as for hp – i couldn’t have said it better myself..

    i haven’t seen that episode of hell’s kitchen – i’m still tooling through kitchen nightmares befor i get started on that 😉

    as for the pressure cooker theory – i think you are right, something has to give. maybe the z list celebs will revolt aginst hollywood in a guerilla bloodbath..

    (and yes, i know that isn’t how you spell guerilla but i can’t be arsed looking it up)

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