god hates fags


as if laura mallory wasn’t enough i’ve just watched louis theroux’s documentary on the phelps family and their particularly twisted brand of christian non-logic. totally obsessed with homosexuality (or ‘taking it up the tailpipe’ as mrs phelps puts it…) and fond of such pleasant family outings as picketing the funerals of soldiers who died in iraq (for being ‘a sodomite nation of flag-worshiping idolators”) and swedish furniature shops. don’t ask about that last one.
they are needless to say ostracised and reviled. and quite rightly so. theirs is a particularly hateful god who “duped you into going to war so he could punish you”
of course at the heart of it all is a man who has made a god of himself. mr phelps senior (gramps) is your classic tyrannical cult leader only with the added bonus of never having to actually recruit followers, he just bred them…

weird, horrific and fascinating.

godhatesamerica.com (mainly because of melissa etheridge it would seem…)


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