you can’t touch it

{yes, that is a giant luke perry jigsaw and no, that isn’t me beside it}

you only have to read this synopsis of one of the first season episodes to see what i love about beverly hills 90210:

The Walshs agree to let Carla, their maid’s extremely intelligent niece, use their address to enroll at West Beverly High. Brandon falls hard for her and doesn’t understand why everyone seems opposed to their relationship. Carla reveals that she witnessed a drive-by shooting that claimed the life of a four-year-old; she had moved in with Anna while waiting to testify, with protection from the D.A. Carla returns to her family after one of the killers confesses. Jim and Cindy organize a soiree for his new client, a sportswear designer. Dylan, Steve, and the girls receive free clothing. David wants MC Hammer to perform at the school dance.

just in case you missed the clincher

David wants MC Hammer to perform at the school dance.



3 thoughts on “you can’t touch it

  1. Lillipilli : you have to be kidding right? i mean about finding david hot, allthough the mc hammer car is a bit weird too frankly… 😛

    all these years i’ve been beating myself for liking brandon more than dylan and there you were with a thing for geek-boy david silver!!!!

    still haven’t found anyone who fancied steve 😀

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