hit him, baby

viacom may have pulled every trace of britney’s vma debacle but there is still much joy to be had watching her fans fan take on the blogoshphere.


7 thoughts on “hit him, baby

  1. that is the worst thing i have ever seen. if i eventually had my way that androgynous piece of shit would be hunted by every man woman and child in north america with a bounty on his head to make osama’s look like fucking pocket money. a youtube clip has never made me so angry. eugenics now.

  2. Some kind soul posted a link to that clip on deviantART and I nearly pissed myself watching it. I can’t believe anyone would get quite so tantrum-ish over shit people are saying about Britney Spears. It’s not like he actually KNOWS her or anything!

  3. Can anyone say “This person either needs drugs or is taking toooo many of them”? Good grief there’s much more use for those wasted tears and anger elsewhere.

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