I bit a lot more bugs than bit me


how creepy yet cool are these french AIDS-awareness posters??
if you can stand to look at them for any length of time they are also slightly comical – but you do have to get past the heave factor first.
sadly, i can’t for the life of me find the name of the design agency that made them, i’d love to see what else they’ve done.
i did, however, thanks to caroline learn that:

stephen donkin, proceed with caution… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Far as the SPIDER is concerned, thatโ€™s not just โ€œoral sexโ€. Male spiders implant sperm packets in the females via their pedipalps, up front. Whoever did those ads threw in something of a visual pun for those who know spider anatomy.



the smallprint translates as: โ€œWithout a condom, youโ€™re sleeping with AIDS. Protect yourself.โ€


14 thoughts on “I bit a lot more bugs than bit me

  1. I always wonder if any ads really make a difference in people’s behavior. hmmm But these bugs are freakin creepy.

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