wear your art on your sleeve


this series of ‘wearable sculptures’ by silvia b (the collection is called ‘skinover’) are a wonderful head on crash between art and fashion. beautifully crafted in lambskin, they are witty, sexy and just a little bit creepy. the perfect combination.
the pair that caught my eye first were without a doubt the love/hate tattoos. they are certainly the most fashion-wearable. if gwen stefani doesn’t have them hanging in the closet next to her harajuku schoolgirls then she should.
however, the more i looked at the whole collection the more some of the others really won me over. there is something wonderfully subtle about the band-aids on ‘wounded’ and the ‘ebony’ pair are just exquisite close up. (plus they have that little frisson of ‘oh, is that offensive, or not?’)
unfortunately – labmbskinning aside – at £725 a pair i don’t think i’ll be getting them any time soon…


love / hate




nearly perfect


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