colour 2.0

just dandy

yesterday i discovered the website colour lovers – possibly the first ever, wait for it, colour themed social networking site. yes, really.
in the past i have used sites such as degraevev’s colour palette generator as tool to find the hexes that compliment imagery on a website or so on but colour lovers is a whole other ballgame. along with a bunch of really useful tools such as the ability to download adobe, css or html versions of the palettes there are also all the conventions of any other social networking site such as chat,friends, groups, rating systems and so on..
initially i thought this was maybe the geekiest thing i’d ever seen but the more time i spent on the site the more i felt it’s actually almost the opposite.

the fact that i found myself staring, a little breathless, at this colour combination for a good five minutes means that i am still in touch with something absolutely basic to visual art and almost as un-geeky as you get. i’ve found that my journey from the conceptual bullshit degree i did has been largely a journey back to aesthetic. it’s not that i am shallow, or that i only enjoy shallow art but sometimes i think that we have a lost a lot of our pleasure in the visual aspect of the visual arts. so concerned with concept, contect and functionality that we hardly ever take the time just to stop and look.
it pleases me that so many artists and designers are using something as modern and technology based as a social networking site to embrace something as ancient as pleasure in colour. i’m sure the site will be a very useful tool for me but more than that it has something reflective, playful and energising about it.
my new favourite thing!

four of my favourites:
you are hurting mejet screamersunset at the sea.Band-Aid™

four of my own:
evepeachy keen
seamed stockingsno parking


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