poke me! pet me! feed my! bite me! add me!


following on from the myspace vs bebo post i di d a litle while ago, the tme has come to review facebook. yes, yes, i know – it is insane that i am now a member of 3 social networking sites (5 profiles between them) but what can i say… i’m a ‘joiner’…


    basic ethos
    bebo for grownups.
    on the surface it’s all very preppy and ‘literate’ but once you’ve been bitten by the ninth zombie in a row you may begin to question that…


    typical user profile
    college students, professionals, stephen fry. people who’ve never had a myspace but used to be on friendster


    very good, very like bebo. no lags or errors. pages can become a bit overcrowded with pointless applications (see below) but you do at least have the ability to minimise these.


    the facebook interface is pleasant enough if you like blue but sadly there is no way to customise it. i apreciate that they want to keep it streamlined and away from the visual hellpit that myspace has become but it would be nice to be able to at least change the colour scheme. this is where bebo is really winning above all others.


    apparantly it’s good to get and find work through, particularly if you are involved in the arts though so far i haven’t used it that way myself. they do have a jobs section and a pretty good local network system however so far it does seem more geared towards play than work. i think that unlike bebo it probably is possible but unlike myspace you would have to try quite hard to be noticed – this may change with time and increased numbers of users though…


    twiddly bits
    like bebo you can’t embed anything of your own however you can upload your own videos which you can then post.
    there is a fantastic function where you can import ‘notes’ (blogs to you and me) from any rss feed meaning that i can import my posts from marilyn’s shampoo automatically to facebook as well as being able to add extra facebook-specific ones when i feel like it. this is a brilliant feature for bloggers as it keeps my facebook ‘blog’ active without me having to duplicate work. LOVE IT!
    there are also an absolute multitude of ‘applications’ that can be added to your profile. some of these i find strangely addictive (visual bookshelf, throw food, fluff friends) some that fritter away nicely without you having to do anything (twitter, last fm, youtube, import notes) and some that i just find a bit annoying to be honest (fortune cookies, vampire bites, tattoo me) though obviously one man’s annoying is clearly another man’s addictive….
    the most irritating feature of these application is that everytime someone pokes, bites, tattoos or whatevers you the application has to be added to your own profile for you to be able to view it. this is really anoying because of course curiosity always gets the better of you and you end up with all this shit on your page result in a weekly crap-cull.

    10/10 for the good bits

    3/10 for the annoying bits

    = 7/10 total


    initially very high but the fun of ‘wacky’ applications may wan quite quickly


closing marks


previous scores

bebo: 43/70

myspace: 26/70

it’s strange i assumed it would come out higher than bebo because i’ve been using it a lot more recently but when i actually filled this out i realised how much the things that bug me really do bug me a lot. however i think if they removed the need to add every application to view stuff folk have sent you and added some basic customisation it would soar above bebo. it may not have won the battle but the bits that are better are so much better that i suspect it may win the war in the long run.


3 thoughts on “poke me! pet me! feed my! bite me! add me!

  1. I’m absolutely obsessed with facebook. Its perfect for people like me who are completely shite at keeping in touch with friends who don’t live within 5 mintes of my street.

  2. Ha. I’m definitely not a joiner. Until I see that a web 2.0 application, be it a social network or otherwise, gives me what I want in a palatable format, I’m not interested.

    That’s why I want nothing to do with MySpace… I still haven’t signed up for a MySpace account. It’s too much about racking up numbers and too little about posting worthwhile content. I don’t feel like I’ve missed anything.

    Good on you for doing these comparison tests, though. Pretty informative.

  3. tanya: i was to start with but the love affair has cooled slightly. it’s still my favourite though.

    D.Peace: myspace is totally NOT about worthwhile content at all!!! unless you count txt spak πŸ™‚
    but i can’t knock the fact it has generated me business. i really only use my profiles on myspace as a way of directing folk elsewhere. i like to get in and out as quicly as possible πŸ˜‰

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