put down the knitting, the book and the broom


last week i went to vaudeville caberet’s one o clock show at the fringe and what a great night it was! i must confess it was one of those nights where the last thing i wanted to do was go out and i had to literallly drag my arse out of the door at 11pm, but i’m so glad i did. unlike many cabaret or review-style shows there was a genuine mix and range to the acts and whilst there was an overall ‘dress up and play at being debauched’ vibe the eclectic choice of performers kept it from becoming over-camp.
the show was compared by ‘drunken raconteur’ dusty limits (pictured above and with fellow organisers wild card kitty and tipsy shenanigans below) whose spoken delivery brought to mind the young julian clary (and i don’t mean that in as lazy a way as it sounds) but who really came into his own when he sang. what a set of pipes that boy has! but also a mature and capable an grasp of the darker side of songs like cole porter’s ‘love for sale’ that gave me a good few shivers and ‘holding my breath’ moments during the night.

other acts included a fantastic flamenco group (who i’m having trouble finding the name of, so please let me know if you were there and remember…) a very athletic rope ‘dancer’ (is that what you call it?) and the WONDERFUL miss leggy pee (pictured below with the bow-wows) whose strangely heartwarming combination of dragesque lip synch and dry wit may mean i never look at a muppet quite the same again.

after all that i was ready for the off, but we decided to hang around and catch the band playing at, as the name suggests, one o clock. it was the low miffs (pictured bottom right) who i had never seen before, and they were…

if you put a bit of jaques brel, scott walker, neil hannon and sparks in a blender and added much more guitar and some extra sax you’d get something approaching the full pelt genius/madness that the low miffs are live. truly charismatic singers are a dying breed these days but leo condie has it in spades. powerful delivery, great musicianship and a combination of often neglected inspiration points and a good dash of originality meant they were an absolute jaw-dropping joy to watch – i shall be following their future career closely…

so, all in all a damn fine night 😉



6 thoughts on “put down the knitting, the book and the broom

  1. yeah the low miffs were a real treat, you forgot to mention a heavy mix of roxy music in there too, i was aching for a bit of “bitter sweet” from them.

    i’d definately see them deliberately again.

    emma/leggy pee
    i love you

    your talents never cease to astound me, you are a fucking gift to society xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. p.s…

    i’ll be performing there tomorrow night myself, doing a duet with isa and the filthy tongues.

    1am monday morning

    be there or be square

    also if you intend on using the west coast as an excuse, same night i am performing earlier in glasgow at blackfriers with the rohypsters.

    (pardon me whilst i whore my rock ‘n’ roll on your blog)

  3. bless you for the lovely words! you can come see us again at henry’s cellar bar on the 30th of august if you so desire!

    the low miffs

  4. uh uh uh!

    and yes the rohypsters will be perving it up in glasgow again this evening.

    sorry i am on that rocky road now, i have a habit to feed and a pimp to please.

  5. ok i’m just going to ignore the slut-fest that is omegamale..

    i will definately be there on the 30th 😎

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