do not disturb


callisto, i feel your pain.
4am in the morning this car alarm stated going off. and most annoyingly it will stop for a bit, let you stat to doze off then BEEEP BEEEP BEEEP.
the sound file is no indication as to how fucking loud and annoying it is.
i may murder.


Oh Wow! It’s like a big rabbit rock festival!


thanks to the disgustingly talented rockstarvanity i have this fab picture to illustrate a post about an odd little object of love and anguish in my life.

my bunny hat.

i love my bunny hat.
because it is pink, and has bunny ears and.. well, that’s enough really isn’t it?

but this hat is also…

…the hat of shame.

let me explain:
at night my lovely, fat pussycat likes nothing better than to tramp around my head over my hair. back and forward, back and forward. this is annoying and really rather painful. after a while i will get out ‘the hat of shame’
the second i put it on she will lie down, shamed, and go to sleep. and i will get some peace.

but will also have to sleep in a bunnyhat all night long.

the shame is on us both in the end.

am i bovvered?


Comedian Catherine Tate is to play Doctor Who’s new companion, reprising her role from the 2006 Christmas special, the BBC has announced.
She will join David Tennant for the complete 13-week run of the new series of Doctor Who, which is due to begin filming in Cardiff later this month.

Freema Agyeman, who played the Doctor’s companion Martha Jones in the third series, will return mid-series.

i give up. really, i do.

mr saxon says:

[photopress:l_03d0df1ee1cb629ea697f15e08b3d422.jpg,thumb,pp_image] happy face: martha is leaving (for now)

[photopress:l_e512643f2ede73d2c089cc3dd57a6237.jpg,thumb,pp_image] sad face: the worst episode yet.

    my doctor who finale shit list:

    ye olde worlde ‘our lord and master walks the earth’ dialouge even though only 1 YEAR had passed. reminds me of the southpark ‘whacky molestation adventure’ episode..
    who was that woman’s son and why should we care?
    the jesus moment
    a year in chains sure gives a guy a dirty face. nice you can still get a clean shave though.
    the torchwood plug
    torchwood will be EXACTLY THE SAME. you’d think given that year to think about ‘his team’ he would have realised what a bunch of total gimps they were.
    the great jack harkness character revalationTM being stuffed into a dubiously scripted throwaway monalouge.
    the ‘oh no he isn’t’ bit.

compared to the awesome parting of the ways and doomsday (and the last couple of episodes in this series for that matter) this episode was a huge dissapointment and a really crappy way to end the series.

this and the inexplicably nija-infested craporama that was hanibal rising both in one week. i might stick to youtube animal clips for a while…
god damn.