you’re a water sign, i’m an air sign


i found this in a cafe this morning and when i saw the little ‘virgo’ under her name a slow chill went through me. i had to google…

Budget hotel chain, Travelodge has introduced staff name badges including the individual’s star sign in another step in its strategy to bring customers closer to its hotels. Following successful trials in each corner of the UK, the hotel company has decided to roll out the new ‘ice-breaker’ badges to all of its hotels from this week.

Also gone are ties, scarves and jackets to make Travelodge uniforms much less formal. The badges and uniform changes are part of a review following a series of customer focus groups that revealed that hotels are often intimidating and unapproachable, especially for single travellers.

Travelodge’s Operations Director, Kyle Rowe said, “Too many people find hotels unapproachable and stuffy – a perception often derived from four and five star hotels. At Travelodge we have looked at all areas of our operation to make sure that our staff are always on hand to help. Our training, customer initiatives and new uniforms really help us to create a relaxed and friendly customer environment.”

Now all members of staff will receive a star-sign name badge. They will also be encouraged to learn about the characteristics of their sign so they can chat with customers.

Rowe said, “The badges have been introduced as an ice-breaker for customers when they check-in. It is a fun and light-hearted way of engaging our customers and ensuring that they begin their stay feeling relaxed.”

holy fucking crap. this may be the end of corporate sanity as we know it.
i can’t think of anything more detestable than having to wear my star sign on my lapel so that customers have an ‘ice breaker’…

kiki, if you are reading this – i am so sorry.

11 thoughts on “you’re a water sign, i’m an air sign

  1. donx, i envy cunts with jobs like that.

    yesterday i was thinking about ace jobs

    such as the guy in the johnny company who thought rat shaped whiskey flavoured condoms would be an ace wee venture, and it actually happening.
    i like to think of him crowd surfing over his colleagues and being presented with flowers etc.

    what a job eh?

    you know…… sometimes this world is actually a great place eh?

  2. so i was walking past a travelodge last night, and i thought i’d venture in to ask about the namebadge scenario. i was met by the unfriendliest cunt in the whole world. here is an actual transcript of the conv.

    “hi, i was just wondering if you could tell me if travelodge employees have their starsign on their badge”

    “mm hmm”

    “could you tell me when that happened?”




    “right, so your not willing to talk to me about it at all?”


    “well i heard it was to make staff seem friendlier and more approachable”

    “mm hmm”

    “obviously not, bye.”

  3. stevie d : what the crap was that video all about??? bollywood men are faintly ridiculous at the best of times but that is just excessive.

    tanya: i couldn’t agree more. what’s next – macdonald’s staff wearing badges with their vital stats on?

    marilyn’s shampoo

  4. These badges don’t go far enough. It should say ‘Kiki – Available’, or ‘Marc – Recently Separated’, or ‘Tammy – Just leave it on my nightstand’

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