…and i’ve finished it.

The Deathly Hallows by ~annatar86 on deviantART

the inevitable and legnthy deathly hallows review

the safe-to-read bit:

firstly let me say that i am bereft it is over, but happy and satisfied with it’s conclusion. for me the book is a 9.5/10 and didn’t let me down at all. it is grim, dark and in places quite cold but it is at it’s core the logical conclusion of the series and it’s twin themes: love and death. the overall feel is slow and arduous but it is a grief-ridden and tiring build up that leads to an anthemic climax.

my full review is over here to spare the wary. i want that page to be spoiler-friendly – so stay away unless you’re done/don’t mind reading about MAJOR plot points. it’s spoilerific folks!

edit: aapologies, comments are now enabled on the page


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