the little black dress of little black phones


i’ve finally got the time together to write a proper review of the prada lg so here goes…

    phone design: the phone does (as it says on the tin) look good. very good in fact. sleek, black and much thinner in the flesh than i was expecting. without a doubt the nicest phone design on the market – until i see the iphone up close. the only flaw for me is a weird little side flap that you have to pull open to get the headphone jack in which is a bit shonky and feels likely to break at any moment (although i think it is actually quite sturdy) once the headphones are in this also fits together quite poorly.


    interface design: the main theme, which i am using, matches the phone perfectly and is a very chic white on black design. no complaints – i love it – everything is easily recognisable and asy to find as well as stylish.

    interface functionality: unless you’ve been burried under a rock you will know that the big deal about the prada lg is that it is the first properly touchscreen phone to hit the uk and i must say i’ve been plesantly surprised by how well it works. there is no lag and even the scroll bars function very well. that said i have pretty small fingers and i have heard complaints about it being tricky for the less manualy dexterous to use..

    camera: a pretty standard 2 megapixels – but that along with the amazing full screen landscape/portrait function and many incamera functions such as white balance and aftereffects mean it has made my, admitedly shitty, digital camera a bit redundant.

    browser: this is where the gaping chasm between the prada and the iphone really shows. the best that can be said about it’s web facilities are that it is average. moblie sites only and no touchscreen in this section of the phone.

    mp3 player: the mp3 player was a really pleasant surprise for me. the interface is similar to that of an ipod mini or nano but with touchscreen functionality allowing you to drag through the item you are listening to. brilliant for podcasts and audiobooks. it does have one weird bug (i assume it is a bug) where it creats ‘thumbnail files for all your audio files which can’t be played – weird and a bit frustrating. sadly not compatable with itunes either. i’ve stopped using my shuffle for it but if you have a nano or mini you may not feel the urge.

    texting, contacts and calling: i just love the interface and functionality of these sections. i’ve always had an uneasy relationship with mobiles but within a week on this phone i was using predictive text and had all my contacts sorted out and in groups and speed dials. intuative and slick. you can also take & make calls with headphones on which is very handy indeed.

    other specs: there is a very good video player which allows you to watch it full screen in landscape and the volume without earphones is really decent. also on the phone is an alarm clock, very nifty calendar, notepad and games. it has to be said though that if, like me, you use a lot of the other bits and bobs – especially the mp3 player – the battery life isn’t great. plenty for one day or one longish journey but realistically you are looking at re-charging at least every second night, but quite possibly each night as i do.

    acsessories: comes in a very sexy black box with usb cable, charger, headphones, headphone jack cable with very useful mp3 remote control, leather case and an adorable little black shammy in a tiny black prada envelope. special thumbs up has to be given to the case which is chic, slim and very sturdy. thumbs down to the headphones which are, frankly, a bit shit. they might say prada on them but they look, feel and sound for all the world like the ones you get in corner shops for £3.99

    overall: the best phone i’ve owned. without a doubt the best looking phone on the market and a very obvious user-friendly interface. when you get down to the nub of it the specs are pretty average – there are far smarter phones around – but it sure is pretty, and (until the iphone) it does everything i need.


6 thoughts on “the little black dress of little black phones

  1. I have been wondering about this and the i-phone for a while. How is the support for tinternet in this country? Having just come back from Japan everyone has web browsers on their phones but they are all geared up for it. Who has the air space here for it and is it limited at the moment or is ok? Will it catch on and will it expand? Oh so many questions.

    Also do you think the prada is value for money?


  2. o2 are taking the iphone and using a 3g network i am sure, however the iphone uses wifi whenever there is a signal, meaning the connection speeds etc should be top knotch.
    its been ages since i was somewhere in urban and didnt pick up a wifi signal with the laptop.

    and by golly the thought of having an actual youtube device in my pocket really pleases me.

    i think the iphone will do more than expand and its clear every other mobile device will have to follow its example.

    the only thing stalling me from going for the first release here (in a month or two) is that with apple its always best to by the second revision at least, as all the creases will be ironed out and also i’d hope for more than a 8gb hardrive considering its more than just a phone, but……… the prada phone sells second hand at about £250 meaning an apple phone would only cost about £50, makes it a bit more approachable.

    value for money, i do love the phone and in my experiance the prada is as good as they get, but that is purely ignoring the iphone, its a different breed altogether, the prada is like a top of the range skateboard compared to iphones hoverboard.

    the prada cost about £300 on its own, you’d have to be a twat to buy it outright instead of through a contract arrangement, its definately not worth that…. still i am enjoying it. as far as phones go.

    roll on rev 2 next spring….

    the dream – a 16gb(at least) iphone that can utilise skype and jahjah, screwing over the telecom company

  3. i would agree with a lot of that. the browser on the prada is pretty shit – but not any more so than most phones. unlike the iphone which is a ‘real’ browser.
    i think the best way to think of the difference between them is that the prada is really just a very well designed mobile phone with a couple of particularly good functions thrown in (the camera and video player in particular) whilst the iphone is a very well designed smart phone
    i think the prada is ideal as a ‘first’ phone or an upgrade from most of the fashion phones like the chocolate or the razr but if you are coming from a really smart phone like the noika e62 (which i very nearly got) you would feel a loss of some of the more extended web and pda functions.
    like omegamale said – in terms of value for money i wouldn’t buy it outright either but within a package it really isn’t expensive to run at all.

  4. Thanks guys this is all very enlightening. This new phone technology definately intregues me and I look forward to seeing what it does. Just watching everyone in Tokyo on their phones watching tv etc was facinating it will be really interesting to see if it catches on here in the same way. xXx

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