Oh Wow! It’s like a big rabbit rock festival!


thanks to the disgustingly talented rockstarvanity i have this fab picture to illustrate a post about an odd little object of love and anguish in my life.

my bunny hat.

i love my bunny hat.
because it is pink, and has bunny ears and.. well, that’s enough really isn’t it?

but this hat is also…

…the hat of shame.

let me explain:
at night my lovely, fat pussycat likes nothing better than to tramp around my head over my hair. back and forward, back and forward. this is annoying and really rather painful. after a while i will get out ‘the hat of shame’
the second i put it on she will lie down, shamed, and go to sleep. and i will get some peace.

but will also have to sleep in a bunnyhat all night long.

the shame is on us both in the end.


9 thoughts on “Oh Wow! It’s like a big rabbit rock festival!

  1. When I get up in the morning, Pablo follows me in to the living room to torture Shai. All I have to do now is lift a cushion and show it to him, and he runs away. I’ve never even thrown it AT him before, so I’m not entirely sure how this conditioning occurred.

  2. cats are weird. it’s like the whole genetic fear of hoovers thing. thy are complex little beasts.

  3. This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

    Well… no, that’s not true. I once saw two kittens snuggling on a cloud. That was cuter.

    This is still top ten.

  4. In this house, the pinkness is enough reason for an oooh, aaah.

    My cat stands close and stares at me as I sleep. If she chose to speak, she’d say, “Awake servant” instead of the staring thing.

  5. joefish: 😳
    callisto: i swear i may have heard my cat mutter ‘gettup bitch’ before, but maybe that was just me

  6. Cute hat and great story. I also have a cat, but mine is a fat tomcat who knows no shame. He would probably try to beat the bunny hat of shame up and run away with it, clutched in his teeth.

    Almost makes you wonder what it is about said pink hat that makes your cat coil away?


    Great site, btw.

  7. d.peace: hmmm, is it the pinkness or the bunnyness i wonder? maybe it’s the idea of a giant pink bunny that freaks her out.. like that bit with the easter bunny in ‘bill and ted’

    dirty bunny: a dirty bunny comment on my dirty bunny 😀
    i hadn’t thought about the bed-head, i’ll try and fixate on that in the future…

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