am i bovvered?


Comedian Catherine Tate is to play Doctor Who’s new companion, reprising her role from the 2006 Christmas special, the BBC has announced.
She will join David Tennant for the complete 13-week run of the new series of Doctor Who, which is due to begin filming in Cardiff later this month.

Freema Agyeman, who played the Doctor’s companion Martha Jones in the third series, will return mid-series.

i give up. really, i do.


4 thoughts on “am i bovvered?

  1. I just saw the Catherine Tate episode. It was only OK because, well, I knew she was temporary.

    I’d even watch David Tennant in reality TV, volume off though.

  2. i thought she was perfectly fine in the xmas episode – but the character is all for laughs. a bit thick and pretty obnoxious. i can’t stand the thought of her as the central companion.

  3. i’d love to see catherine tate spend the entire series with an erraticly shaven head, the aids, and david tennant apologising for her to every other character, a frontal lobe injury would be a nice touch as well.

    i’d love to see the face of bo’s aged brown slimey tongue lick her tranced out face as well.

    are they looking for any writers for this series?

    i’d love to give that fag davies a run for his money

  4. iā€™d love to give that fag davies a run for his money

    šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€
    as ever, an informed if virulent response.

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