since i can’t get the iphone yet


believe it or not i’ve never actually had a mobile phone contract. actually that’s a slight lie i had one for a while that my parents gave me as a graduation present but i found it too expensive to maintain along with my landline.
i’ve never really been into phones. despite being a geek and a bit of a gadget fiend the whole phone thing has kind of passed me by. until now i have never actually bought my own phone but have had a sea of gifts and cast offs from friends and relatives incomprehensible that i didn’t have/use one.
i think a combination of the fact that i’m at home a lot and that most phones i owned were not that pretty and a bit of a faff to operate has always put me off.
then recently my mother-in-law very kindly donated my her motorola razr which is the first phone i’ve ever felt attatched to. once i souped it up with a little pink diamante cover (it was blue) it became the first phone that i actually enjoyed as an object – but i still found the interface ugly and a bit clunky to use.
up until now i’ve just been pay as you go – which basically meant i never paid and didn’t go! however it’s becoming increasingly uneconomic to rely on my current landline package because it excludes calls to mobiles which are more and more of the calls i have to make. plus monthly contracts are fighting over each other for customers and so are much more reasonable now.


..i’m going mobile. at first i was going to get the nokia e62 which i’ve seen in the flesh and is very cool in a geeky sort of way. i’m not so into how it looks but it is funtionally pretty much a pda.
but then i found the prada lg
-oh my gosh –
i’m so excited i can hardly speak.
the browser is a bit shit (no more shit than other phones though) but apart from that it really is as close i’m going to get to the iphone for the meantime.

sexy. black. touchscreen.

bring it on!


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