Children’s charities have reacted with anger after a window cleaner who raped a girl of 10 was jailed for two years.
Keith Fenn, 24, will be free in four months after a judge said the girl, who was attacked in Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, had appeared older.

The charity Kidscape accused Judge Julian Hall of “trying to find excuses” and said a child must never be blamed.

Attorney General Lord Goldsmith is to decide whether the sentence should be appealed against as “unduly lenient”.

Judge Hall had said that the sentencing had been the most difficult decision he had ever made, but the girl had appeared to be 16.

She was attacked by Fenn and an accomplice in a park in Henley-on-Thames on 14 October last year.

so it would have been fine if she was 16 and dressed sexy?

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4 thoughts on “speechless

  1. it is mental. the judge needs fucking shot for that.

    did the judge say “tsk tsk! you silly billys” as he slapped BOTH their wrists?

    you’d think a learned judge would see at its very basic roots, 2 grown men TOGETHER conspire and rape a girl, without stopping eachother (far more twisted than some lone guy losing it).

    there is no fucking way you could mistake a 10 year old for a 16 year old, not that that makes difference, just a pathetic diversion to the horror of the story.

    next time i go out and rape a child i’ll be sure to tell the judge “she was a whore and i saw her smoking etc”

    2 years?….easy.


  2. quite.

    makes my blood boil. even if she looked 16 and even if it was ‘consensual’ any man over the age of 20 who wants to shag a 16 year old is sick in my book.

  3. well exactly – judges are ironically not particularly known for their ethical proclevaties are they?

    i didn’t know about the previous sentences though. that makes me even more mad.

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