Mr Fry Discusses The Internet

VideoJug: Stephen Fry: The Internet

i’m pleased to note that we have the same homepage!
(thanks to graham for the clip)


3 thoughts on “Mr Fry Discusses The Internet

  1. Okay, I love Stephen Fry but some of the questions were inane. BUT none the less THANKS for posting this clip!! By the way I love his new tellie show KINGDOM.

  2. the thing about him is that he can answer even an inane question brilliantly.
    i haven’t seen kingdom – what’s it about?

  3. We don’t get Kingdom here but my daughter sends me downloaded dvds of it in the mail. It’s name Kingdom is referring to the main character’s name “Peter Kingdom” who is a solictor in a small town. There’s some intrigue because his brother has supposedly commited suicide but there’s no body and these mafia type guys are always looking for him. Peter’s sister is played wonderfully by Hermione Norris and the character is kinda nuts!! His sec secretary is played by Celia Imrie. Just a great cast and offbeat writing.

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