one more reason not to use internet explorer


o.k, i’m behind here allready and i really want to do a huuuge post about this but i just don’t have the time right now. but for the moment let me just say:

leopard is going to kick arse – especially time machine and stacks

safari goes cross-platform!!! wowser – this makes me so happy. to be honest, i don’t give a toss if you use safari, firefox – or even opera – just please ditch IE!!!

stop teasing me with the iphone man! i want one so badly i can taste it

anyway, you can watch the whole keynote here if you’re that way inclined..

7 thoughts on “one more reason not to use internet explorer

  1. This comment has nothing to do with your post because I am old and that’s how we old folks are…I believe I inadvertantly deleted you from my myspace. I was trying to get a porno thingy off and in the end I now don’t have you as one of my friends. SORRY! I always enjoy your blog posts.

  2. i try not to think about the iphone too much, but occaisionaly when the ife nips out, i watch a few deo vids on youtube, god its fucking sexy eh?
    that bit fingering through ‘cover flow’, and that bit doing the little pinches with 2 fingers to zoom in a bit…oh yes….and then flipping it on its side to get right into it, then maybe stick a movie on afterwards…..mmmmmm

    as an alternative to a second laptop, i think i’d be quite happy say, sitting in bed surfing the net on the iphone, sending emails etc, so hat, coupled with, it being an 8gb ipod, and a phone and camera, etc etc etc it does soften the price tag a bit. my main wish for it, would be upgradable flash drive 8gb is going to be grudged after a short time.

    anyway, she’s asleep, i am goint to watch the new slick ads on

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