Something had passed darkly and gone

a friend emailed me this and i watched it 5 times in a row. completely hypnotising. it’s from the Alexander McQueen collection at the 2006 Ready-to-Wear fashion show in Paris and shows a ghostly holographic-like image of Kate Moss projected on to the runway.

The apparition of Kate Moss is not, in fact, a holographic image but a very sophisticated example of Pepper’s Ghost , first used, in the 19th Century by John Henry Pepper in a production of Charles Dickens’ “The Haunted Man.”

As the wikipedia article explains:

is an illusionary technique used in theatre and in some magic tricks. Using a plate glass and special lighting techniques, it can make objects seem to appear or disappear, or make one object seem to “morph” into another.

In order for the illusion to work, the viewer must be able to see into the main room, but not into the hidden mirror room. The edge of the glass may be hidden by a cleverly designed pattern in the floor. Both rooms may be identical mirror-images; this approach is useful in making objects seem to appear or disappear. This effect can also be used to make an actor reflected in the mirror appear to turn into an actor behind the mirror (or vice versa). This is the principle behind the Girl-to-Gorilla trick found in many haunted houses. The mirror room may instead be painted black, with only light-coloured objects in it. When light is cast on the objects, they reflect strongly in the glass, making them appear as ghostly images superimposed in the visible room.


cool huh?


8 thoughts on “Something had passed darkly and gone

  1. aye what would you know donx?

    dinnae touch what you cant afford etc

    actually that was needless, and i shouldnt be using marilyn’s blog to say hi to you, because i cannae be arsed phoning, but hi, how was your wee adventure?
    fruitful i hope?

    our band is amazing eh?


    sorry marilyn…that mcqueen eh?…barry

  2. I got all excited when I read ‘ghostly’ and ‘kate moss’ in the same sentence. I thought she’d died. And then realised she hadn’t. Technology is cruel, getting my hopes up like that.

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