who are you and what have you done with hermione granger?

thanks to brucha for the animated gif


a big topic in the potter fandom right now is the rather obvious spot-the-difference between the original order of the phoenix poster and the new ‘extra breast for your buck’ imax version (it’s not just the ‘final battle’ that’s in 3d etc..) this has been talked about a lot elsewhere but.. you know, i’ve got to have my say too…
most hp fans are pretty angry about it but i just feel sort of weary to be honest. we’ve been here so many times with other young girls in the media and with hermione/emma watson.

well, maybe a teensy weensy bit angry too.

damn it, i’m livid!

from a general viewpoint i have a major issue with photoshoping a 17 year old’s breasts to make them look bigger, no matter what the movie.

from a potter-specific perspective it angers me because of all the characters to do this to hermione is the most upsetting. for those who don’t know the books well hermione is a bright, bookish girl descibed in philosopher’s stone as having “a bossy sort of voice, lots of bushy brown hair, and rather large front teeth” indeed when she glams it up for the yule ball in goblet of fire – in the book at least – she actually performs magic on herself to be ‘pretty’ for the night. but having made her point (mostly to the gobsmacked ron) she returns to herself the following day. (as opposed to the ‘transformation’ in the film which is basically just an allready rather pretty girl with – shock horror – her hair up and a frock on) it’s not that hermione is ugly or plain or whatever that is important – what is important is how it’s not the most important thing to her. she begins the books quite socially awkward and as she get’s older she does mellow a little but she is still the outsider girl’s heroine. ballsy, uncompromising and clever as all hell.
now, i apreciate that many of the characters are prettied up for the big screen – and to be honest i think most notably so with the male characters such as snape and krum. however all of this dollying up is just such an anathema to hermione’s basic character that it’s really getting beyond a joke. when the hair got smoothed down i let it pass. when the pink hoodie came out i let it pass. good god, i was even coping with the now infamous ‘does my hair really look like that in the back’ quote. but this is too much. i am putting my small pink foot down.
those are not emma watson’s tits and they are certainly not hermione’s. at this rate i won’t be entirely surprised if they replace emma watson with an olsen twin for half-blood prince.
emma watson is 17 and the character she plays is 15. i appreciate that retouching and photoshopping actresses is common practice in hollywood but all of the other characters are exactly the same and, as peachespig on livejournal said,

I have no problem with them displaying prominently one of their attractive actors; everyone likes to look at pretty people. But I do have a problem with them singling out one seventeen-year-old girl and basically telling her and the world that the ratio of her bust size to waist size is insufficient to sell their movie.

jo herself has spoken out about exactly this kind of thing in the past and now they are doing it to her own – favourite – character.


how about some hermione fan art instead?:

Hermione by ~Silver-Rin on deviantART

+Hermione+ by ~Taztooed on deviantART

hermione design by *salamandersoup on deviantART

Hermione by ~LMRourke on deviantART


6 thoughts on “who are you and what have you done with hermione granger?

  1. More breasts-on-role-models related stuff. When Tomb Raider first came out, people bitched and bitched that Lara wasn’t a good role model for young women (because we ALL grow up looking up to computer game characters…) because she had large breasts. NOW she’s a great role model cause hey, at least she’s not a size 0. AGH!

  2. Okay, Angelina is a WHOLE nother level of mixed-up (boobs or not) but…as for the B BREAST marketing being done for equal measure show Harry’s magic wand 9as it were) is really tight trousers to be ffair.

  3. Okay, my spelling was all fucked up in that last comment but I swear my typing does NOT show up till I submit the comment so I can’t fix anything!!!

  4. It was supposed to be : For equal measure show “Harry’s ” wand in really tight trousers to be fair.

  5. 😀 i think we’ve all had quite enough of harry’s wand since equus though…!
    harry gets his wand out
    when you click on the text box does it not turn to black text on a white background? 😐

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