i work very hard, but i’m lazy


tanya over at momentary solutions has just posted a blog about working from home that says so many things i agree with that i want everyone in the world to read it. i love working from home and, unlike tanya, do it purely out of choice but like her find that peoples concept of it is often distorted. as though somehow it’s not really work if it’s at home.

along with the many myths she debunks, one of the big problems i have is that as well as work encroaching on non-business hours i find that my ‘personal life’ encroaches on work. i’m at home? oh sure, that means you can call me any time (and as many) as you want even though you’d never do that if i was in an office…
just because i can do things more or less when i want (depending on the dreaded deadline of course) doesn’t mean i actually have any more time than anyone else for domestic chores, visits to relatives, trips to the pub on a wednesday afternoon.

i’m not a student for god’s sake!
(joking, i’m joking)

i also find that the line between work and play online can be a very gray one – deviantART being a prime case in point. is it converstion? is it promotion? is it both?

my lifestyle is great and i wouldn’t go back to the 9-5 for anything but it’s not a complete doss, whatever folk think. the title of this post is from an elastica song called waking up and i think it pretty much sums it up for me. yes, i’m lazy in that i don’t want to slog away in a job i hate for the rest of my life. yes, i’m lazy in that (shock horror) i often don’t get up before 11am (but usually work well on into 9,10,11pm) and yes, i’m lazy in that i am writing this in my pjyamas.
but i do work very hard.

er.. yes, so – on that note i’d better go get on with it.


5 thoughts on “i work very hard, but i’m lazy

  1. When I used to be a phone sex operator, I told everyone I knew NOT not phone me or come round to my house when I was working (ie in the afternoons, while D was at work too). Nobody bloody listened, and I often had to explain ringing mobiles and doorbells to paying customers. It’s NOT the sort of job you can just take a break from to answer the door!

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