you know that goth’s gone mainstream when…

the eurovision song contest looks like this:





even the stupidly wonderful glitter-glam entry from sweden were in monochromatic atire

i won’t even mention the guy writhing around in the bubble to goth-cello during the intermission.

and just in case you had forgotten our entry was this:

yeah, we came second last – and our only points were from our friends (malta and ireland) who felt sorry for us. goddamn.


11 thoughts on “you know that goth’s gone mainstream when…

  1. no need to mention evanescence then?

    or the fantastic range of fetishwear for 3 year olds available in claire’s accessories….

    i got off the train at haymarket the minute i realised i was on it…

  2. i got off the train at haymarket the minute i realised i was on it…

    πŸ˜€ how right you are – eurovision just seemed like the final nail in the coffin. as it were.

  3. Haha Sweden’s entry was great! Spangles and glitteryness :3 I think we’ve decided we don’t ever wanna win Eurovision, so we send the crappiest people we could find.

  4. rachie: i always enjoy a bit of glam sillieness – somewhat disturbingly though that song starts of sounding like doctor & the medics and somehow ends up sounding like status quo

    calisto: i’ve had marmite before, but i’m not sure i’ve ever had vegemite. what’s the difference? marmite is vile, if you ask me.

  5. i ken this has skated away from eurovision, but i didnt really want to discuss it in the first place…


    ok i love marmite, but never buy it, but more so i love twiglets which are pretty much marmite flavoured, in fact i’ve never bought marmite but you’ve really put me in the mood for it…
    now as you said your self, marmite is a beer derirative, a yeast exract…. is vegemite a vegetarian alternative or a very different thing?

    ms, i am actually surprised at you not liking marmite, you have the most fucked up tastes i’ve ever encountered, maybe you are a poof after all.

  6. Eurovision makes me want to die. I got about 15 seconds into ‘Scooch’ and had to stop listening. It scares me. I might never get on a plane again.

  7. omega: i never knew you liked marmite!!
    i love twiglets, maybe i should try marmite again sometime. i’ve not had it since i was about 15…

    tanya: sorry, didn’t mean to give you the fear.

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