some salted nuts sir?

    ‘piff paff poff’ from the high life

oh good lord our eurovision entry is amazing this year. have you ever seen a rougher bunch of camp old trouts? i keep expecting shona spurtle to come out of the cockpit at any moment. you can learn the dance routine here.

i hadn’t been allowing myself to indulge in the glorious europap as i didn’t think i’d get to see it on the night and, a bit like major sporting events, it’s the kind of thing you want to see live or not at all.

and no cries of ‘not at all’

it’s a spandex-ridden joy to behold. although i do have a particular fondness for those backwater nations that still think the waistcoat is a good look…

i was also amused to find out (with more than a dash of scadenfreud) that justin hawkins had put in a failed attempt at reviving his flagging career through, of all things, the eurovision heats. i loved the darkness’ first album and the video for ‘i believe in a thing called love’ is still one of my favourite things in the world but his effort is exactly the kind of ill-thought-out self, indulgent smart-arsed-ironic drivel that we don’t want going through to the big night.

give us irritatingly catchy melodies.
give us sinisterly pervy gay men (a la bucks fizz)
give us really haggy fag hags that really, really mean it.
that’s what it’s all about!

so while we’re at it please enjoy a prime and pregnant slice of jordan, our sadly defeated horror of a near-entry last year:


5 thoughts on “some salted nuts sir?

  1. I would much rather it was ‘Piff, Paff, Poff’. Watching Sebastian,Steve and Captain Duff is much more entertaining. Oh the irony? (is it irony or is it an Alanis Morrisette take on the word? It’s late I really need to go to bed) xXx

  2. oh meant to say. Did anyone see Russ Spencer, the blonde guy from Scooch, in the fabulous carcrash reality show that was ‘Boys will be Girls’? If you didn’t see it you really must. The premise… failed boy band members have one last attempt at fame by becoming….wait for it…..a girl group, called ‘The Honeytraps’ The video is fantastic.

  3. that clip is brilliant, i found another one with some little interview bits too

    the song is pretty great too actually…

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