Unless they kinda just scissor or something…?

i love this so much…
but do you think elton wants his verse back?

7 thoughts on “Unless they kinda just scissor or something…?

  1. I saw this when they did it at the Brits (I think?) live on stage and it looked just as fantastic. Really clever idea and the song isn’t bad either, for me a bit of a grower. x

  2. i really loved the song the first time i heard it. i don’t mean it derogitarily but i do love most of their stuff because it sounds like heyday elton and i’m a big fan. but they are visually great too – jake shears has a lot of charisma and ‘presence’
    they’re not a band i could ever get passionatly obsessive about – but great fun.

  3. perfect pop band…absolutley perfect.

    i take it the choreography was the same folk that done the matrix ping pong thing? it absolutely genius eh? my fave wee detail was the bit where she chops the plate and 4 wee chips of china go up into the air. ace stuff

    i couldnt help but wonder how the vid would look if we had never seen “bullet time” before.

    my fave thing about bullet time, is “that move” you know the one where the lean right back dodging somthing, its in the bullet time contract i am sure… regardless of situation you must lean right back.

    right i’m away to dodge some bullets.

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