you sound brilliant son

last brett-related post this week i promise 😉


wait for the glaswegie chick at the end – i swear it’s the funiest thing you’ll hear all day.
i bet she’s only 23.

2 thoughts on “you sound brilliant son

  1. Am so glad someone else spotted this. It is really funny. She was actually in her late 30’s/early 40’s! I really like your site btw, Brett chat AND a High Life fan, oh dearie me ; )

  2. 😳 well, i’ll forgive her then. maybe.
    it cracked me up though…
    what is it with glaswegien women and the propensity to sound like wee old fish wives? even at rock gigs!

    glad you like the site – it’s always nice to have a new ‘face’ about the place 😎

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