brett anderson at the classic grand in glasgow

photo by chrissybhoy

o.k folks, this is going to be a long one so apologies to those that couldn’t give a monkey’s..

the gig last night was incredible, let’s just get that out of the way before i start. the best i have seen in a VERY long time

but let’s begin at the beginning shall we…

the venue was pretty small and the stage tiny (no pit) which i guess is one of the odd benifits of your icons being no longer ‘the next big thing’. he opened, his band including i should point out none other than mr mat osman, with ‘to the winter’ having entered to the string section from ‘the more you possess’ very much in the style i was expecting. nice suit, good hair, ferry-esque dignity and i must admit i was expecting a more sedate gig this time around. perhaps not quite torch-song static, brett’s never been that static a performer, but certainly more contained.

er… not so…
the atmosphere and brett’s performance throughout the the night was pretty hard to pin down but i can sum it up in one word: electric.
i was on edge for the most of the gig – i felt it could swing either way at any moment. he seemed to be having a fucking ball, but in an edgy agressive way that kept me on tenderhooks from start to finish.  i have never seen him move so much and even as far back as dog man star i don’t think i can recall ever feeling such raw, heartfelt, blood, sweat and tears honesty from his stage performance. there were several points where he was literally on his knees putting EVERYTHING into the noise he was producing. i found my self holding my breath quite a lot.
it’s strange, he was at once the most self indulgent i have seen him – constantly throwing himself into the audience and whipping them up into more and more applause – and also strangely the most human. a microphone lost in the audience, a very near fall off a monitor, and a really genuine feeling of pleasure playing old suede tracks (sorry, yes, i’ll get to that later) .. oh and some geisha dancing
i’ve never seen him grin so much and yet i was constantly aware of something much darker than that driving the show.

the full setlist was:

    to the winter
    love is dead
    one lazy morning
    dust and rain
    back to you
    by the sea
    colour of the night
    scorpio rising (brett on guitar!)
    the infinte kiss
    an accoustic brett-only selection comprising of:
    two verses and a chorus of so young ! ( he was basically taking requests at this point..)
    the wild ones (gorgeous acoustic version, beautiful)


    everything will flow
    film star
    beautiful ones

so yeah. there is probably a lot more i could, or meant to, say about this gig but i’m just so glad i was there. it really feels like i saw something special, moving, uplifting, terrifying and wonderful that i honestly wasn’t expecting.

i guess he got his demon back…


14 thoughts on “brett anderson at the classic grand in glasgow

  1. heh. This tickles me. hahaha!

    I’m sensing a pattern here. If you bash E list celebrities on your blog, they will get really bitchy with you. We should come up with a list of people we want to piss off.

  2. zakly (silent ‘k’)

    singing kettle if you are reading this….why when i see pictures of you, is the first thing that pops into my head, swinging, partner swapping and group sex sessions.

    and…if this is purely skilled perception on my part, can i have a shot at some point…..with the cheeky looking little blonde guy?

    if however i am barking up th wrong tree, do you have a number for the happy gang?

  3. john d: thanks for that link, theyre great. sadly i couldn’t make it along after the gig and was handling the fact quite well untill i saw your photos 😛

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