how dirty girls get clean


i started the day this morning with a lovely hot bath containing bath bombs made by my friend rebekah!
i am a big fan of bath stuff in general but i’ve never used anything that was actually made by someone i know before. they were lovely – they were scented with lemongrass and had coconut oil in them too so now i am all soft and lovely smelling… it was FAB. she’s a talented lady, that one.


5 thoughts on “how dirty girls get clean

  1. Hey hey, so glad you like them. The greatest thing about them is they don’t contain any chemical nasties so all you end up with is a lovely smell and soft skin.

  2. wow that sounds lovely,
    i wish our bathroom was nice enough to have a bath in, but it doesnt matter how much you scrub it still seems nasty.

    coconut oil smells amazing but my favourite is almond oil, smells like you can eat it

  3. just put the lights off and have a candlelit bath – then you won’t be able to see the room 😉

    i don’t know – baths aren’t really for washing in anyway. i know that sounds weird but for me that’s what showers are all about. baths are for relaxing.

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