problems with comments ?

i’ve been messaged by someone who was having trouble commenting on posts and i’m not sure what’s causing it. if anyone else is in the same boat please email me at or myspace message me and i’ll try and get to the bottom of it…


12 thoughts on “problems with comments ?

  1. woo hoo! you’re here..

    i was a bit worried though because joe, callisto and omegamale had all mentioned having comments dissapear before…

    i’m confused šŸ˜•

    but MT is here – so i’m happy šŸ˜€

  2. this one turned up in ‘comments for moderation’ – weird. i set it to moderate all comments by new users, but you’ve commented before..
    i would loosen up the moderation but it seems o be the only way i can stop tonnes of spam from getting through.
    so frustrating!

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