call me on my cellphone, baby


i’ve always swore i would never have a polyphonic ringtone. i believe that that polyphonic ringtones are the death-rattle of civilisation.
it’s been an easy position to maintain since i’ve always had phones so shit it wasn’t an option anyway.

this week i finally got a ‘real phone’…

… it’s ‘a swingin’ safari’ by Burt Kaempfurt in case you are interested.

i hate myself.


0 thoughts on “call me on my cellphone, baby

  1. Do you know how funny that is to me? I was as big a “Oh they are such a wank” as you. Yes I was, until I got a new phone recently, now I’m part of the death-rattle.

  2. šŸ˜¦ at least i’m not the only one.

    i’ve been reliably informed since my post thought that apparantly they aren’t polyphonic any more but something-else-i-can’t-remeberphonic…

  3. oh, it’s a razr i’m sure it’s not terribly exciting to anyone else – but i’ve only ever had REALLY crap phones. i’ve inherrited it from my mother-in-law so it’s dark blue – but i’ve ordered this little baby to make it a bit more ‘me’


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