well here i am again…

…bare naked and re-born!

so, to cut a very long story short for a i had a major crash on my site and have only just managed to ressurect myself (with a makeover to help me feel a bit better about it all). i am going to try and import my archives from my back-up at some point soon (scary biscuits) but for the moment i am as empty as paris hilton – so if you followed a link here to read something in particular then i’m afraid it aint here.

EDIT: i have now successfuly imported my posts and comments from the backup, but the images you will have to do without. so i’m now about as empty as gwen stefani. no, that’s not right she’s all image no substance…
well, anyway you get the gist.


0 thoughts on “well here i am again…

  1. well i think it was worth the server crashing for you to come up with this fantastic makover.

    i sincerly think this is your best outfit todate.

    well done

    its gorgeous


    aw look…i didnt even say ‘cunt’ or ‘fuck’

  2. I’m loving the new look! Knowing how much blood, sweat, tears and coffee went into creating it makes it even yummier. It’s very minimal…kinda like that lovely glassy ShapeShifter skin 🙂

  3. tanya: like that shapeshifter skin?
    *shuffles feet and looks at ground*

    joefish: not unless it was that one about shemale movies that i binned.

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