two rather exciting wordpress plugins that i discovered on my way back from purgatory

firstly, slightbox.
i had tried to get lightbox going a couple of times before but it was always more of a faff than i could be arsed with – so i felt like all my christmases had come at once when i discovered this little sweetheart. super easy to install and even easier to use (you just have to add rel=”lightbox” to your normal image code – and if you use photopress it even does it for you) and mmmm is it tasty.
i will use it to demonstrate the second sexy plugin i would like to rave about – bloglinesreader:


if you use bloglines to subscribe to rss feeds (and you should!) all you have to do is slap in your username and it generates a links list of all your subscribtions. you can also break this down by folders if you want..

cool huh?


0 thoughts on “two rather exciting wordpress plugins that i discovered on my way back from purgatory

  1. aye that image function is a fucking wee ride

    i cannot wait to get fired in about that shit on the rohypsters makeover, oh and…. omegamale is fancying a wee bit of the new as well

    everything netwise is pulling together stylistically right now, i am getting wee cheap thrills about some of this stuff. couple that with this new intel mac core animation etc everything is getting glassy as fuck.

    its making me want to mirror a whole room….

  2. there does seem to be a slightly odd thing with it pixelating the text on the blog though, it goes back to normal as soon as you refresh or change page…
    i’m not sure what’s causing it, i couldn’t see in anything obvious in the css file.
    it’s not enough of a problem to stop me using it though 😆

  3. it’s pretty tasty – i haven’t tried doing the seperate folders thing yet but it was very easy to use…

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