Some girls theyre so pure, some girls so corrupt

i’d forgotten all about this clip until i was talking about it recently and had to go and look it out on youtube. surely one of the most weirdly entertaining pop moments of all time.
not entirely tuneful, yet still strangely wonderful…

my laptop swings both ways


well, that’s it – i finally have an intel macbook with bootcamp.
running windows on a mac does make me feel sort of like a rapist – but – it is going to be very, very useful for dealing with the dratted internet explorer…

Just a little screw-up. But what the hee? Me got it under contwol. Fuggedaboudid


from the bbc news:

Actor Hugh Grant has been arrested over an allegation he attacked a photographer in London, before throwing a tub of food at him.

Photographer Ian Whittaker told the Daily Star newspaper he was kicked before the tub was hurled at him.

The Metropolitan Police confirmed a 46-year-old had been arrested on suspicion of assault and has since been released on bail.

Mr Grant’s lawyers confirmed an incident was now under investigation.

It is thought the alleged incident took place near the actor’s west London home.

Mr Grant voluntarily presented himself at Notting Hill police station on Wednesday, where he was arrested and then questioned for an hour.

He has been bailed and will return for questioning in a month.


not quite as rock and roll as his last arrest but you know – float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

apparently it contained baked beans.

how dirty girls get clean


i started the day this morning with a lovely hot bath containing bath bombs made by my friend rebekah!
i am a big fan of bath stuff in general but i’ve never used anything that was actually made by someone i know before. they were lovely – they were scented with lemongrass and had coconut oil in them too so now i am all soft and lovely smelling… it was FAB. she’s a talented lady, that one.

call me on my cellphone, baby


i’ve always swore i would never have a polyphonic ringtone. i believe that that polyphonic ringtones are the death-rattle of civilisation.
it’s been an easy position to maintain since i’ve always had phones so shit it wasn’t an option anyway.

this week i finally got a ‘real phone’…

… it’s ‘a swingin’ safari’ by Burt Kaempfurt in case you are interested.

i hate myself.

when was heaven so obcene?

finally got my ticket to see brett at the classic grand in glasgow today – and i have to say i’m very excited – more than i was about seeing the tears, despite the hype surrounding the brett/bernard reunion. the solo album is a really lushly produced, quite sad and beautiful affair. it’s certainly not a rock album but it’s melodic and rather moving. i also think that several of the tracks (most notably ‘to the winter’, ‘infinate kiss’ and ‘scorpio rising’) show a real lyrical step forward.  i feel that the new album really strips a lot of previous habits away leaving some genuinely interesting and well crafted words.
roll on the 4th of may!

adventures in tea

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last week i visited the chai teahouse in edinburgh and i can tell it’s going to become a regular spot for me. they have a menu (several pages long) of teas including gorgeous chai, alchoholic tea cocktails and beautiful display teas like the one in the picture above. the place has a really amazing, chilled atmosphere and we sat in a corner seating area with floor cushions and a little low table. for a tea freak like me it was like having died and gone to heaven…

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