Potter events are like buses…

shocked, stunned and amazed. and excited. so soon, what a potteriffic year it’s going to be…

0 thoughts on “Potter events are like buses…

  1. I’ll be lining up at midnight for my copy. And then the next morning I’ll download a pirated ebook copy. But I probably won’t devour it immediately. It may take me a week or two. If the surprises are spoiled for me by reading this blog… I will kill you. ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. i’ve actually made myself a vow to read it more slowly this time. i guped half blood prince down far too quickly and at the time i actually wasn’t sure how much i had liked it but when i listened to the audio book a few months later i really enjoyed it and realised how much of the smaller details i had missed because of reading it too quickly. so this time i am not going to rush myself – i am going to savour it….

    and i PROMISE no spoilers without mahoooosive warnings attatched!!!

  3. In my day it was Nancy Drew that I INGESTED as fast as the library would order them. Books are so extraordinary (sp?) in the fact that they can carry you away from troubles, make you laugh or smile, feel like the characters are closer to you than your own family at moments and expand your vocabulary!!! Over the years people have always thought I attended college because of my vocabulary BUT NO it has just been from READING. (I’s rully a dimbulb.)

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