Rose tint my world, keep me safe from my trouble and pain

it’s rather strange to no longer be part of the great blonde mythos, but here i am – all pink. my natural hair is that universally despised colour ‘brown’. not black, not even anything as luxurious as brunette just… brown. i’ve been bleaching my hair for about 10 years now and have always been rather fixated with blonde iconography (just in case you couldn’t tell by this site) but lately ive been feeling bored. call it the seven year itch. call it a pre-midlife-crisis. but here i am with a head like a stick of candyfloss and I LOVE IT.

and it is a very blonde kind of a pink, as pink’s go….

The only link between Andy Warhol and J-Lo

i finally got my hands on heaven to hell by david lachapelle this week and it is eye poppingly good. with a slightly more prevelant twisted erotisism than his last two books (i’m excluding artists and prostitutes as i haven’t seen it what with it being a �1500 limited edition!) it definately ups the ante in the contadiction between ‘perfect’ plasticisity and perversion. this is possibly nowhere as obvious as in his incredible pieces featuring amanda lepore as a living warhol’s marilyn.
i was pleased to find in it a whole set of courtney photographs that i had hoped would be there as i had only seen them online in the past, and they are really beautiful shots. like many artists lachapelle definately has his muses and if this book is a ‘love letter’ to anyone then i would say it’s a fight between courtney and amanda for that honour, with indeed one picture featuring them both together.
all that said some of the non-celeb model shots are superb too, particularly the taxi driver series and some of the religious/angel pieces towards the end of the book.

get hold of/get a look through a copy if you can!

Graffiti women draw pictures on the wall

from the bbc website

Author JK Rowling scribbled a note to fans on a marble bust in the Edinburgh hotel room where she finished her final Harry Potter novel. The millionaire left the message after completing the book at the city’s five-star Balmoral Hotel. In black marker on an antique-style statue, she wrote: “JK Rowling finished writing Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows in this room on 11 Jan 2007.” The hotel confirmed the Edinburgh-based author signed a bust in the hotel. However the spokeswoman for the 188-room city centre Balmoral, where rates range from �290 to �1,575 a night, refused to say which room the author had stayed in. A spokeswoman for the author said: “We can confirm JK Rowling did write some of the book at the Balmoral last month and did complete the book at that hotel.”

leaving her tag on civic artworks, surely that’s no example to set the kids? 😉

*and no, that isn’t jo’s scribblings up there but it is a particularly entertaining piece of potter-related grafitti snapped by Btal