Adults react to teenagers as they do to dogs � you know, two are cute, five are scary and twenty a riot

i’m delighted to read that scott westerfield has written a fourth book in the uglies trilogy called ‘extras’. a fourth book in a trilogy? how very douglas adams i hear you say… well in mr westerfield’s own words

Uglies, Pretties, and Specials are one story, the coming of age of Tally Youngblood. Or, as I half-jokingly refer to it, �The Making of an Eco-Terrorist!� And that story is done.

So what�s Extras? Is it just . . . extra?

Well, no. It�s not just extra, it�s more.

Warning: Mild spoilers begin here, and they�re non-mild if you haven�t read Specials yet. (highlight to read)

Extras is set a couple of years after the �mind-rain,� a few earth-shattering months in which the whole world woke up. The cure has spread from city to city, and the pretty regime that kept humanity in a state of bubbleheadedness has ended. Boundless human creativity, new technologies, and old dangers* have been unleashed upon the world.

Culture is splintering, the cities becoming radically different from each other as each makes its own way into this strange and unpredictable future . . .

It�s Diego times a planet, and it�s a pretty interesting time to be fifteen.

That�s how old my protagonist is. That�s right, Tally Youngblood is not the viewpoint character of Extras! Deal with it. Sometimes one needs new fish to fry.

But will Tally be making a guest appearance? Well, it�s not like she retired at the end of Specials. But maybe I should let her answer:

“Be careful with the world, or the next time we meet, it might get ugly.”

oooooh, so exciting. unfortunately i’ll have to wait until october to read it – but i’m sure it will be worth the anticipation.

my review of ‘pretties’

0 thoughts on “Adults react to teenagers as they do to dogs � you know, two are cute, five are scary and twenty a riot

  1. Fourth in the uglies… trilogy?

    I can’t help thinking of the cover of Mostly Harmless: “The fifth book in the increasingly inaccurately named Hitchhiker’s trilogy.”

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