watching too much tv will make us insane

before i start, let me preface this with the fact that i know i shouldn’t be frying my brain by youtubing programmes like project catwalk but what can i say? these things happen…

the episode i watched tonight involved the fledgling designers being set a breif to design a dress for kelly osbourne. i thought this was really interesting brief since kelly has a very strong sense of style herself and is not just a bland keira knightley type clotheshorse. now obviously kelly isn’t going to be sashaying down the catwalk in some ludicrous reality-tv creation and instead is on the judging pannel, so they get to choose a girl to wear it…

… from the clutch of six foot size four catwalk models that bear no physical resemblance to miss osbourne whatsoever (5ft nothing about a size 14-16 i’m guessing). but so far so fine, the design could accomadate for this, and i’m thinking if it was me i’d pick the one that at leat has a bit of bum and boob to work with.

of course none of them do this, and one model is even picked because she is quote unquote “thin as an eel”

am i alone here in sensing that this is just a teensy weensy bit insane??

to be fair the only dress of the three that a) kelly might actually wear and b) kelly might actually be able to zip up (far right picture) did win the competion so the judges weren’t completely mad.

but still….



0 thoughts on “watching too much tv will make us insane

  1. I was standing in line (que)at the grocery store the other day and a title on one of the magazines in the rack said “Curves are IN again”. It’s amazing how a human is supposedly going to change their body shape like they change a purse or nail color. I think we need to view runway models like a work of art; it’s something to gaze at but we all don’t try to be Mona Lisa or the guy who’s screaming in Munch’s famous picture. If you go anywhere there’s a large number of people and just sit and watch them it is amazing how many different heights, weights, hair/no hair, noses, eye shapes, short legs, long legs, big feet, teeny tiny feet, then add to that the many shades of skin. We need to all face the fact that unless you’re an identical twin you can’t look exactly like anyone but YOU.

  2. Not reading blogs for ages and then finding that people who’s blogs you love have written lots of entries since the last time I looked in like christmas. Fun, verbal christmas without the santa or jesus parts.

    I watched the first episode of Project Catwalk a couple of weeks back and it made me want to strangle the competitors. How they can manage to find that many people with such consistently terrible taste and ad an absolute lack of style, place them in what is, effectively, a complete style vaccuum for a number or weeks and make it into entertaining television is beyond me but I did find it funny. It’s my dirty little secret.

    Kelly is allegedly 5ft3 (believable) and a size 10 (not so much…do people have a real size and a press size?). But regardless, she sure as hell isn’t a 6ft size 4. That show encapsulates why I refuse to ever buy clothes from catalogues or websites – the discrepancy between the person the clothes are designed for and the person wanting to wear the clothes.

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