we’ve all gone crazy lately

Elton John’s “Some One Saved My Life Tonight”

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made by the magnificent david lachapelle for the “Elton John Red Piano” show in Las Vegas.

the bit with the glam rocker and the ice skating bear? that’s where i hope i go when i die….


0 thoughts on “we’ve all gone crazy lately

  1. I really love alot of the imagery (sp?) in this but I must admit to alot of immature behavior on my part because mostly it made me laugh. It seemed like a cross between some beautiful ballet and an acid trip with alot of RED and BIG LIPS. Loved it. Thanks

  2. hmmph! how come i never got acid trips like that!?

    mines were all melting faces flakey lips, and demonic expressions.

    the video is stunning though, i love the red glossy room the best, thats where i’d like to go when i die. it was good to see a lachapelle video where the actors faces aren’t being used too much, as in the past he’s proven to be pretty weak at directing actors. but as always tableaux and design second to none.

    thanks for that.

    i’m away to ask my old acid dealer for a refund.

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