Like a later tom & jerry when the two of them could talk

why have i never seen this before? i know the song, as originaly performed by pulp – but my lord that video is hilarious. i’m not sure which bit made me guffaw more – tom jones, the chubby kurt or gary newman playing the chime bars….

incidentaly, i stumbled on it because a friend had emailed me a link to this clip from ‘the day today’ with chris morris as jarvis cocker singing ‘me oh myra‘. i had seen it before but it was well worth a repeat view.

0 thoughts on “Like a later tom & jerry when the two of them could talk

  1. The first one was hysterical but I want to focus more on the Myra one. Have you ever had one of those times when you never heard of a certain thing and then all of a sudden it’s everywhere? WELL, about 3 weeks ago I was looking up something (I can’t remember what) on the internet and after a click here and there I stumbled upon “The Moors Murders”. I read it with a bizarre curiousity.Then 2 nights ago one of our HBO channels they mentioned a show called “Longford” and I wanted to know who the hell Longford was so I googled that up and lo and behold they was OLD Myra and her boyfriend again. Then this morning I check out your blog and there’s a guy singing about her and showing her super famous face. Amazing. Perhaps I’ll see her in the grocery store later today!!! (ha ha I know she’s dead)

  2. well you know, my roots are kind of showing at the moment….

    i did a warhol style myra picture a while back using that super iconic image of her. i suppose we are facinated by sexy dangerous ladies – i mean, rose west was every bit as ‘evil’ but we don’t really care because she was fat and ugly 😉

    myra monroe 2 by =thesmu on deviantART

  3. Okay, is it just me or does she kinda have a “I am a guy in DRAG” thing going on? Maybe that’s why she was nuts is because she longed to actually HAVE a pair.

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