top ten weird keyword searches in my stats for 2006

(almost obligatory, this one)

film fuck me if yoi

pro ana tea
(is that like low-low-low-lowcal tea?)

gordon s vodka lillet
(booze soaked tampons? it’s one way to get it into your borstal i suppose…)

shetland brea
(shetland what?)

totallys pies witch

joshua tree naturl foods
(not sure if this is related to the last one. and since when did bono have a healthfood shop?)

celebrity death mourge

how get back my ex girfriend
(just sad really)

dirty cock fuck
(to the point, i guess)


0 thoughts on “top ten weird keyword searches in my stats for 2006

  1. Shit, people search for some weird stuff! Oddly enough, I get lots of hits from people searching for ‘random swelling’ and ‘randomly breaking out in hives’. I should stop bitching about mystery allergic reactions in my blog!

  2. does the word borstal make anyone else laugh?

    (actually in reflection, dont answer that if you spent your formative years, having your dungarees ripped off you by the”daddy” in the greenhouse, who had a penchent for brutally invading your rosey teenage bottom on a weekly basis, just because you set a fire once)

  3. 😆 I get a lot of stiff cocks arriving hoping for a peek at “Felicity Kendall’s Knickers” – they get a picture of a goat, somehow I think they may not be disappointed (goat is pretty). 😆

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