She said this is what I think is art

as you probably know i have an account over at deviantART ( a really fantastic online arists community site) and i want to use this post to profile my top 25 pieces of artwork from the site in 2006. they are pretty much all pieces uploaded in 2006 allthough there are a couple of older ones snuck in that i only discovered more recently. click on them to see full views (a lot of the smaller images really don’t do them justice) and to see the artists gallery.

25, you say? i know, but trust me , it was hard enough to narrow it down that far…

Venus in Milk by *ALLUREandDESIRE on deviantART

Get the Smokin Fairy Out. by ~SickJokeR on deviantART

eggHDR0011 by *The-Egg on deviantART

sheeps dont have insomnia by ~nifflheim on deviantART

Butterfly Eater by =madpimp350 on deviantART

The nights of wonder by ~mr-marchew on deviantART

-Sun and Moon- by ~starwide on deviantART

Harry Potter–Marauders by =Gold-Seven on deviantART

KISS pumpkins by *tbholman on deviantART

Little Paintings – Cardinal by =Duffzilla on deviantART

Clown for JIN by =gunnmgally on deviantART

robinredbreast by ~chibighibli on deviantART

Koi by =Klyph on deviantART

Mothqueen by ~MaciejZielinski on deviantART

KISS by *aspius on deviantART

Self destruction by *FallenRox on deviantART

service. by *quasilucid on deviantART

FRAGMENT22 by ~n4al on deviantART

ariel by =lilbittydemon-stock on deviantART

that look by ~metro2 on deviantART

Everyone Loves a Clown by ~stuntkid on deviantART

please stay a while by ~trance-orange on deviantART

Shirley n Spinoza, A Good LaLa by *Semiotext on deviantART

I’m so tired of having nothing by ~LittleSilverBones on deviantART

erotic study 02 by ~plainme on deviantART

notable mentions also to glam predator by rockstarvanity
oh snap by messa
the bride by missshyly
and bloody sin by evil-kitteeh whom i couldn’t feature here without ‘nicking’ 😉

you can see all of my favourites on deviantART here


0 thoughts on “She said this is what I think is art

  1. Thanks Thanks and Thanks for having a mini gallery for my viewing pleasure!! Loved it. I tend to get all philosophical (sp??) in my comments but I firmly believe that technology has been very helpful in allowing humans to express themselves on soo many levels. Poetry, photography, art, music,etc. The small amount of my own photography that I have posted on my blog has made me feel empowered. I enjoy just browsing through blogs and myspace just listening and looking! Awesome.

  2. i’m glad you oth enjoyed it 🙂

    that’s why i’m so hooked on deviantART. it’s nice to have a place to upload my own work and have people comment on it, but i really got into the site when i realised how much amazing work was out there that i could just LOOK at.
    so much fun :yes:

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