harry potter and the rather ominous book 7 title !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the door opened on jo’s site today and (after a bit of footering around and a game of hangman -!- ) she gave us all a rather exciting little xmas present…. the title of book 7!!!! wooooo hooooo!!!!

also there’s a nice little extra for your scrapbook if you ‘water’ the plant…

deathly hallows hmm? pretty dark and creepy sounding. i will of course be devouring the many discussion threads online as to what this may mean over the next few days. all i can say for now is that i don’t think that potter lad’s in for too fun again next year…



13 thoughts on “harry potter and the rather ominous book 7 title !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. ah tell ye wan hing….and its not just because i am a killjoy, as i do enjoy the stories (though obviously no as much as you freaks) but….

    i hope the whinging little prick bites it in this book.

    ever since the beginning the little bastard has done nothing but moan and complain.

    little fucker gets that educating bad start in life by being kept under the stairs in his horrible aunt & unk’s house, then one day…..

    he realises he is a wizard, and if that weren’t enough to have a brickie about, he realises he is a famous wizard that awcunt loves and wants to meet, and has a place in a very prestigeous school etc.
    and not only bastard that, he has a vault in the bank filled to the fucking brim in gold, he is a rich privaledged little shit.

    then he becomes fucking jock extraordinaire at quidich, and basically soars through his entire school life just fucking winning everything, and having birds fall at his feet & shit.

    all he does is fucking moan, he is a little annoying dick, he doesn’t crack jokes, wouldn’t know a good laugh if it came up to him and raped his face, tell you see if i was at hogwarts and reaping the hedonistic benefits of the slytherin household, i’d have claimed the prick in first year, an ah wouldnae have used magic either, fuckin half brick would have done the job nicely…….and aye it would maybe have been the old “expeliano” for me. but that wouldnae matter, that snake faced dobber would be having me round for tea every night, and by the time ah’d picked his brains for a few years ah would waste him anaw, drink aw his bevvy, and no doubt take a dump on his bed before fucking off.

    what do you’s hink?

    or do you love the wee gay?

  2. I read this entry and was just thinking “I’m not overly into Harry Potter, but I do like the whole happy-magic-feelgood element of the movies, so maybe I should read the books”…then I saw Sir Cynic of HateTheWorld’s comment there, laughed so hard I nearly expelled my dinner on the couch, and realised that sadly, Harry Potter has now been tainted for me forever.

  3. omega: 🙄 well, you have a point about the ‘ungreatful little sod’ theory. i’m more of a ron weasley girl myself but… a half brick? you can’t do that – he’s the savior of the wizarding world!
    incidently, i would like to see him ‘bite it’ but not because he’s a whinning little prick, more that it would be a good, irefutable end to the series. as omega would say: nae backies.

    stevie d: have you been in jo’s broom cupboard?

  4. tanya: don’t let him fool you, he lapped those stories up like a cat with cream!

    stevie d: just incase she closes it, if you haven’t been in – you go to jkrowling.com, click on the eraser on her desk and then it should take you to the door in the picture below. you then have to do some stuff to get the door open (do you want me to tell you, or would you rather play?)
    to water the plant: if you hang about a bit two little bottles will appear, if you pick them up you can pour the stuff into the plant and it will flower – then you get your certificate!
    if you hang around long enough peeves will write a messaage on the mirror too…

  5. well, comments are working again – but i’m going to have to redo my ‘sidebar’ again because somehow they screwed it up…
    i alo want to get it so it jumps to the actual coments not just loads them.

    anyhoo, back to the deathly hallows…

  6. omega male: harrys awright by me. he can do magic. nuff said.i wish i could so much. that book is amazing btw, it has absolutely everything i might want to know. thanks so much. to both of you.

  7. donks: don’t worry your pretty little head about it. we’ll catch up soon, i’m sure it will be worth the wait!

    joefish: me too. i love thie idea of a finite series that can’t just drag on and on and on untill it’s completely shit


    no more potter


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