I loved all the Aaron Spelling shows. At that time, I had pet rats I was raising and I always named all the baby rats after the characters in the shows.�

thanks to a wonderful youtuber named thepeachpit i’ve just spent this evening having a bit of a 90210 fest, particularly enjoying the season one episode perfect mom where andrea zuckerman finally takes off her


but, asides from the general joy and pleasure of reveling in early nineties teen crap, one thing struck me like a brick within five minutes of the episode – the girls looked so different then. no, i don’t mean the hair, the clothes or even the frankly dubious hats – i just mean their basic physiques. take kelly taylor played by jennie garth , high school teen dream and described by david silver as having “a body to die for” – by todays teen tv standards she just looks so … healthy. and shannon docherty, compared to anyone on the oc looks positively chubby. it’s scary to think that within ten years even a show as vacouse and image-conscious as beverly hills 90210 could look like some kind of positive role model.

left to right:

luke perry and jennie garth as dylan mckay and kelly taylor

jennie garth, shannon dochery as brenda walsh, and tori spelling as donna martin

the first season cast

tori spelling, shannon docherty, jennie garth and gabrielle carteris as andrea zuckerman


0 thoughts on “I loved all the Aaron Spelling shows. At that time, I had pet rats I was raising and I always named all the baby rats after the characters in the shows.�

  1. !!!!


    bit of a careless observation, i’d have left it at “healthy”.

    agreed in comparrison there is a definate difference in what figures are the model for the impressionable, but to even use the word “chubby” based on those photos above, makes it appear like today’s standards are affecting how you regard the new female ideal.
    or did i pick you up wrong?

    fleshy, healthy, fit, are positive words that i would use to describe their bodies.
    i admit i can be very fattist, when it comes to obesity but i do beleive in a happy medium and there being nowt wrong with weight and figure when it looks healthy. in fact, i’d even say i was whole heartedly in favour of a girl with a good bit of skin on her, and a soft round belly (boys don’t get out of this one! boys should most definately have a flat toned stomach and solid physique!)

    those girls can’t be more than a uk 12, like i said i may have picked you up wrong, (and hope i did) it just didn’t read as a positive, or encouraging observation.

    and asides from all your fascist evil corrupt opinions, shame on you for watching that shite in the first place…..shame on you……………………………………i love you really x

  2. “compared to anyone on the oc”

    you picked me up wrong, i was using the ‘negative’ deliberately to show how the media/society the great generalised ‘we’ would regard her now in comparison to the lollipop heads and breastless boy figures that are the current trend.if you will notice my last sentance is “it’s scary to think that within ten years even a show as vacouse and image-conscious as beverly hills 90210 could look like some kind of positive role model.” ie that 90210 should be seen as the role model and NOT the current pro-ana look.

    perhaps ‘chubby’ wasn’t the best choice of words but… she kind of was, in that cute, babyfaced way that a 16 year old girl SHOULD BE.

    i agree with you about the happy medium and that’s exactly what i noticed when watching the show – the girls are all exactly that. evan tori spelling who had, by today’s standards’ a pretty svelt frame was curvy and looked healthy.

    sorry, no fight here – i’m surprised you took me that way 😉

  3. well, thats more like it!

    was begining to think that you were a prick like me there, there is only room for one elitist nazi here! i think where i picked you up wrong was the “…” before the word “healthy”.

    it read as a sarky/polight way of saying “fat”. and was just surprised ’tis all, using a phrase like “lollipop head” redeems you ;).

    age though…..is one thing to pick up on!

    the cast of “high school kids” in that show, are all clearly in their mid to late 30’s

    maybe ‘middle age spread’ would have been more acceptable and appropriate than “chubby”!

    foetal pop stars! the bastards!
    i decided to join a rock ‘n’ roll band aged 27, 11 months later i feel like keith fucking richards, though maybe thats just the pills and booze 😉

  4. Shannon Doherty is the very essence of a positive TV role model. If Hollywood can put that freakish Picasso of a face on several prime time TV shows, there’s hope for anyone. That woman scares me a little. To think several TV executives looked at her and said, “I know one eye is several inches lower than the other, but I’m pretty sure no one will notice.”

  5. What total tripe that show was… and yet, I still watched it for Luke Perry’s wry smiles. Just call me Ms Vacuous.

    And I have just moved, and it turns out it that I have landed in the northern beaches equivalent of Melrose Place. I am the Heather Locklear character (in that I’m the old chick). I’ve yet to decide which buff young man I will shag first… decisions, decisions.

    And I always found Tori’s face a lot scarier than Shannon’s.

  6. omega: aparantly gabrielle carteris was 29 when the show started!! it’s a bit ‘i was a teenage zombie flesh eater’ isn’t it?

    joefish: 😆 yeah, it’s her teeth that disturb me the most…

    callisto: i’d LOVE to be able to tell you that i only watched it for luke perry’s rakish boy-rebel charms, but sadly i was in love with jason priestly. i know, i know, brandon was a total gimp. what can i say? i was young and foolish :undecided:

    stvie: or should i say ‘stevie’? he does have lovely soft skin, but it’s nothing compared to your prowess as a wizard-genius

  7. Ahh…fond memories of early 90s tv where all the teenage characters were played by people in their 20s or 30s. Good practice at suspending disbelief though, as well as a lesson in all-american rich-people sunny weather philosophy.

    The body size thing is a weird one…not something I noticed before but you make a good point. Were all supposed to be 5ft9 with size 4 bodies, perfect straight white teeth and bleached rectums these days.

    Sorry for the lack of sense in some of this. My apostrophe key isnt working. Plus you saw what state I was in last night so its amazing my brain is functioning enough to type in the right language.

  8. Seriously, bleached rectums. I nearly shit myself (ok, bad choice of words) when I first heard that one. Apparently porn stars do it. To look like they don’t crap or something. It sounds bloody dangerous…all I could think of was how much my head burns when I bleach my hair and how bad that would feel on a more sensitive body part. But then maybe porn stars’ rectums have been desensitised from excessive activity. Fuck, I really need to stop talking about this now. I’m freaking myself out.

  9. and oh my lord joefish, the more i look at that photo, you are absolutely right about her asymetric peepers

    and after a bit of scouting around, i found things have went a bit downhil for her, apparently after a failed carreer in 90’s b-movies, she hit the crackpipe, bleached her sphincter and went for a sex change and is now trying to re-inventherself as an internet sex fiend…

    what a tragic fall from grace….

    brian walsh


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